Who AM I – I mean really?

When you ask questions like Who am I – I mean really, you best be ready for the answers. And they will come, sometimes in ways you wouldn’t think of.

I remember 25 years ago declaring ‘I’m going to find myself‘. This began a spiritual unfolding and a journey of raising faith and lowering fear. It turned out it wasn’t about seeking or finding, but more about remembering who I AM. The answer to your question Who am I – I mean really – takes you way beyond those false beliefs you hold about our self, and allows you to reach inward to remember your unique self, in your own unique way.

Many of us get caught up in the word God. The name, our interpretation and the beliefs we hold about God, keep us at arms length with our real sense of Good, or Godly Self.

In the Beginning

We begin real Life as God, being created in the perfect image of our God I AM, which becomes our Godly Given name. If you like, I AM is our heavenly Father’s name given to us all upon creation of man. I AM identifies my real self in God, without boundaries. I AM makes me whole and a part of God, rather than apart from God.

God doesn’t belong to religion

I AM is NOT another God but another name. I AM is of no religion. I AM belongs to every one. We can even look at it as our Universal, Spiritual connection, and a deep sense of belonging.

The most important thing is to remember that: I AM is the highest non-form of communication available to man-kind, and when used, not abused overcomes and becomes the highest from of communication through mans kindness. So let’s use I AM in the kindest way, to raise our self up instead of putting our self down, shall we?

Hu – the beginning of Hu-manity

In Sanskrit ‘Hu’, that ‘Hu’ means GOD. It is NOT another God but another name for God, as is I AM. Man, then is the manifestation of God and I AM Marie becomes my Hu-man name. Marie identifies who I am on earth among all other men and women.

What happens when we separate Hu and man

The problem comes about when we, man and woman decide to leave Hu out of the equation, and we use or abuse our free will to create a Life, void of Spiritual law and order. We live by man’s law alone, often ending up feeling very lonely, left wanting and waiting for something we just can’t quite figure out, or put our finger on.

Many of us call our selves human, yet we are not exercising the Universal will or law of Hu or God which extends through man’s deepest sense of kindness and love. And we wonder why we are at war with our self and each other. No wonder the world is in a state of disorder and disease.

Remembering I AM from an early age

From early childhood we become influenced by those around us, families, communities, government, schooling, religion, friends, and of course generations of beliefs handed down over and over again. Together, with our personal experiences, comparisons and competition we are led to believe we are more or less than one another.

All too quickly we forget we were all created in the same perfect image of God, and therefore we are one of a kind and equal, with no one above or below. In our forgetfulness we develop a false sense of identity, born of man’s beliefs, and we create a sense of longing, constantly striving to find the perfect life, and to fill the hole we created so we can become whole again.

What we do and what we have, is not who we are?

At an early age we begin to determine who we are based on those influences and what happens to us (or for us). The quality of those influences and beliefs, (true or false) will determine the quality of the life we lead. Many of these beliefs don’t even belong to us but we own them as if they do. Our beliefs are not always a fair representation of who we are. They represent what we do, or what happened to us. We have to de-hypnotise our self in order to separate what happens and what we do nd what we have, from who we are.

I AM are the most powerful words in the dictionary and what ever we attach to them we empower.

Remember, the quality of the words we attach to I AM is reflected in our life.

Often we find our self using I AM to put our self down: I am stupid, I am not good enough, I am ugly, I am too short, too tall, too fat, I am not worthy; I am a failure and the list goes on and on. This is self abuse of the highest kind, as we are using the power of God to put our self down. It’s okay to own how we feel and what we think but we do not state it as if it’s who we are, because it’s not true.

Once you have expressed how you feel, remember to use I AM to reinstate who you are through the eyes of Good. I AM worthy enough, I AM successful enough, I AM intelligent enough, I AM good enough as I am. This is the truth even if you haven’t developed this to the point of being able to resonate with it. Keep affirming, and in time it will drop into your heart and become what you know to be true.

Raise your self talk

I know many people will say that affirmations or declarations don’t work. Well think about it: We have been telling our self what’s wrong with us for a very long time and it worked, right? Check your self talk, and you will find what makes you tick, and what moves you throughout the day. STOP, and begin to declare what’s right with you on a deeper level, and that will surface and become the real you.

I AM is the highest degree

As we go through college, University or work, we add more false identities through the labels and titles we wear, separating us even further from our real identity. Think about it: As we meet a person the first question they ask is What’s your name? I wonder what would happen if we said I AM and left the rest open? Instead we answer I AM Marie. The next question What do you do? will determine how they see you, and they too will create an image or an identity of you based on their beliefs.

What are some of things we identify with through the use of I AM?

A mother, parent, CEO, baker, candle-stick maker, therapist, single, a single Parent (this has become very popular for women in particular), a doctor, a cleaner, an investor, a support worker, nurse, therapist, receptionist, and the list goes on.

How we perform at any of these will determine our success, right? And, of course money, possessions and assets also get wrapped up in how we identify our self, and how others regard us in the world.

I AM and the labels we wear

Remember, all these labels are not who we are. They identify what we do. There is a big difference. Often, the busier we become, and the more we strive to reach a level of man-made success, we lose touch or we forget who we are. We forget that real success works it’s way from the inside out.

When we lose our real self in our doing we stand to lose everything. We lose the best of our self and we divorce our self from our self. Does this mean we can’t strive for success? No, not at all. We just remember to commit to the inner presence of God or Good as the driver of Life, and us as the co-driver. This will save us time and energy in having to use up our own little will and our power. When we are willing to lose our little self to our higher and mightier self, we stand to gain everything, as ONESELF

I AM Remembering, what’s real doesn’t change.

I AM Marie, means I take God or God’s love into everything ‘I do.’ This way, who I am is still in tact and the doing becomes an extension of who I am. This means my real self, my real identity remains untouched; is forever present and constant. The only thing that might change is how I express that Goodness. The challenge is to remember. I must admit, many times I still forget.

Who am I – Really?

Only that which is not real changes.

Only what we do, or what we call our self will change according to our will and our way. We look into our world and we declare this is reality. But how can it be when every one’s reality is different, and our reality is changing constantly – our body, jobs, money, houses, climate etc. One day we can have money and another day it’s gone. And in our times of lack, out of the blue, we can be flooded with gifts. One day we see the sun and another it’s nowhere to be seen! Ah, but we know it’s still there don’t we? Why? Because what is real is forever here.

No wonder we fall a part when we see what we think is our reality, fall a part.

Unfortunately, it often takes a break-down, or for us to lose what looks like everything, to remember another way. It’s like we have to wipe the slate clean and begin again. We have to peel off the layers of our false identity to get back to the foundations built upon I AM. As we remarry with our real self, we can be assured that when all else fails, we will not crumble. https://mariebrunger.com/how-redefining-success-changed-my-life/

Remembering I AM as the foundations for Life

What are the foundations for life? You could very well think of Jesus and the values and virtues by which he lived and died. Compassion, passion, faith, love, acceptance forgiveness, persistence, gentle yet strong, peace, kindness, appreciation, respect, etc. You can make your own list by asking the question ‘What does humanity really stand for? After all isn’t that what Jesus lived and died for?

I AM works in the here and now

As we venture into the world with the foundations of I AM firmly in place, do you not think we will make for a better mother, CEO, baker, doctor, nurse, cleaner, support worker etc?

Try less, be more, and let more be done

Sometimes we can try too hard to be the best we can be. But in truth if we simply relax, we allow those Good and Godly ripples to flow through and outwardly and we become a natural, kind, unique inspiration, on a moment by moment and day by day basis, being expressed with or without those titles.

With I AM as the foundations we will rise to greater heights of living, loving and achieving and the ripple of our success will reach far and wide. https://ezinearticles.com/?I-AM-Seeing-God,-Love-And-Myself-In-The-One-Light&id=9571759

Thank you Marie 😍

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