What’s the meaning of Life?

What’s the meaning of life, you may well ask. Does anyone have a logical answer, you might well ask. Even though these topics have been at the heart of some great discussions, has anyone come up with any logical answers, to what seems like simple logical questions.?

Who AM I – I mean really?

I wonder if she is wondering
“What’s the meaning of Life

My soul’s call

When I was a teenager and still at school, the only career that made sense to me was to become a PE (Physical Education) teacher. I loved, and excelled at sport and was already assisting in coaching younger students. However, my limiting beliefs about my academic ability left me falling short of the required grades. I reluctantly joined the workforce and became a clerk/typist, as did many other young women in that era. I knew this wasn’t the answer to what I now understand as my Soul’s call, and I left one job after another asking, “If not this, then what?” Life just didn’t make sense.

Not logic again?

One morning as I sat quietly pondering my life, the noise quietened and these possible answers crept into my awareness. What if, life is not supposed to make sense? Perhaps our disease. discomfort and disturbances come from trying to make logical sense of something which can’t be defined by logic.

So I asked, what if we can leave logic out of the equation and let our common sense take the reigns. What if common sense has nothing to do with education, logic or our beliefs, but is the one common thread of spirituality that connects us all? Could this common thread be Life its Self? Our body then becomes the vessel which allows this Universal Life force to continue to flow through, being expressed as our unique Soul-Self?

Beyond the blind-fold

The alternative is to continue to allow our beliefs and conditioning to have control, keeping us blinded to the possibilities real life has to offer. When my blindfold came off, I could see that I did become a PE Teacher, a teacher of Personal Empowerment.

A Shared 6th Sense

We can call this Universal Life our 6th Sense, the Impersonal Self, Presence, Oneness, or anything else we choose, for the name is of no matter. The only thing that really matters is the experience, which can’t always be put into words. This shared consciousness represents one’s higher intelligence, which evolves here, there and everywhere, and in every body, making us all a part of the whole. Even though our body and circumstances constantly change, who we are at soul level won’t deviate. This means that no matter what happens, you and I remain steadfast as One’s true sense of Self, fully immersed in the flow AS Life.

I AM a piece of the world quest for peace

I could see us all, individually as a precious piece of the Universal and worldly jigsaw puzzle. As we warriors join forces we collectively develop the bigger picture depicting peace and love, thus transforming our world from fear to freedom, from the inside out.

I wonder, Is she still asking
What’s the meaning of life?

Blessings Marie 💕