What is Faith – is it belief in a particular religion?

My commitment to doing what it took to heal my life, took me through the exploration of many religious and non religious, new age groups and philosophies, all of which played a significant role in my journey back home. I found Faith is ageless and is the common thread in all spiritual groups. This meant I could put God, spirituality, love and myself into one package. My mission in life then became one of raising faith and lowering fear until faith found its way back into the drivers seat of my life and fear (of God, love, spirituality and myself) was relegated to the back seat. 

Even during my darkest hour, Faith still operates from beneath the covers of fear and pain and brings me back into the light again. Faith is active. All I have to do is to act as if and allow myself to be guided. I came to realise that I can never lose Faith or my real Self, I can only separate my self from it by avoiding it, denying it, masking it, covering or smothering it with the tainted and fearful man-made beliefs and names I give it. When I forgot this real sense of Self I was left with a sense of less, loss, loneliness, and longing for something couldn’t quite put my finger on. Without it, I was but a shadow of my real self, l went outside my self to find something to fill the hole, but anything outside only provided a temporary filling. And I continued to find things to add to my self and my life in an attempt to feel better about my self and try to fill the insatiable void and voice within.

I came to see Faith as all there is. Faith is God, is Life, is Love. Faith is the heart and soul of who I am. Faith doesn’t belong to any one religion or philosophy. It is not exclusive; It is 100 percent inclusive of everyone and everything in nature and of nature. You could say this natural energy of Faith belongs to everyone and everything as nature’s Universal law. I found that Faith is the unconditional, natural and pure essence of Self. It is the spiritual foundations on which to develop and express my unique self, naturally, with ease and glory.

Does this not mean that if we make this Natural Phenomenon our collective focus and leave our limiting beliefs out of the equation we can come together in peace under the one umbrella.  Just think about it. There will be less wars and unhealthy competition, allowing us all to experience a much deeper and natural connection and cooperation through the one power Faith. When we put Faith in the driver’s seat, we will venture to a higher level of living, loving and achieving, individually and collectively.

Now, surely that is something worth exploring?


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