Was it Faith Healing or a Coincidence?

I was fifteen hundred kilometres from home when I discovered a lump in my breast. This added to what was already proving to be a painful day and a wasted and expensive trip. I had already ignored an inner message to go home; determined to complete my project. What followed was nothing short or a miracle. What do you think – Was it Faith healing or a conincedence? For me it was a sign of undeniable faith.


Going within for the solution

The ultra sound showed the presence of a large cyst. It was decided to use a simple painless needle prick to treat it. However, the pain of the needle going in was excruciating and I was left in pain and unable to touch my breast for a couple of days. I fell into a dark mental hole when I discovered the lump was still there and hadn’t reduced in size. I called upon the powerful ‘I AM’ declarations and my inner self-healing kit to get me through, and in a couple of days I was out of the hole and feeling lighter and brighter. An appointment was made to see a specialist, but I was determined the lump would be gone by the time that day arrived.

Belief and Faith are different

I was up early on the morning of the appointment, and in spite of my daily healing routine, the lump hadn’t even shrunk. I was looking through the paper for some ‘good news’ and suddenly this message lit up like a neon sign: ‘Belief and faith are different. Belief is passive and faith is active’. Although I didn’t quite understand the message on a logical level, I knew that somewhere inside, that message had found a home. Off I went to the specialist, still wondering why I was really going, armed with nothing more than faith.

Was it Faith Healing or Coincidence?

When the fear disappeared so did the symtoms of disease

You can imagine my surprise when the doctor announced he couldn’t find the lump. He must be nuts, I thought. It’s so obvious. However, when I checked for myself, sure enough I couldn’t find a thing. The lump had disappeared on the half-hour trip to the specialist.

An appointment for a second ultra-sound had already been made, so now the question posed whether to keep it or not. I remembered the woman at the desk asked me to call to confirm one day prior to the appointment day. With this, I decided to wait, because somehow by then I would know whether to confirm it or cancel it.

The proof was in the pudding

When I called the clinic, I introduced myself and informed the receptionist that I had an appointment booked for the following day. To my astonishment the nurse reported that my appointment was, in fact yesterday. This was clearly my answer.

That evening, I responded positively to the message to go home to the coast. I wasn’t sure how I would do that as the money I was expecting was delayed, but I put the thought into motion. My friend drove me back to Sydney and I spent the weekend catching up with another long-time girlfriend.

A fresh start

On Monday morning I received a phone message saying that the money I had been waiting on had been deposited into my bank account. I climbed a mountain and was now on the others side – what journey!

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Was it Faith Healing or a coincidence?

May you discover the seed of faith within so you can grow and bloom

Marie 💖

Are Faith & Belief the same?