The Power of Prayer

Having pursued the truth through a variety of philosphies teachings and gurus, I finally found the power of prayer. Through prayer and constant surrender, I now realise that there is nothing about God to be scared of. However, I am equally convinced that without an awakened God consciousness, man will continue to perceive fear and scarcity as a normal way of life.

The Power of Prayer and God is beyond religion

When I lifted the veil of fear, I saw beyond all the teachings, religions, man-made beliefs, and my personal scary stories, and I could see for my self that God is not a man. Nor does God belong to religion. God made man in his image. But it was man that made religion and a version of God through his or her own imagination, then becoming scared of their own creation. God is neither above or below men or women, but is within every body as an invisible, inspirational, and unconditional creator of Life. God, being impersonal and without favourites, calls upon everyone to reconnect. However, only those who answer affirmatively will ever get to know God in a personal, energetic way. I am confident that when you get to know God you will find that sense of be-longing you have been longing for.

The Power of Prayer belongs to everyone longing for something they can’t quite figure out or put their finger on

It has taken me a long time to rediscover and develop this intimate and sacred, self-sustaining relationship with God. I have come to love and trust this holy encounter, like no other. Through prayer, I came to see that my purpose is to recall this impersonal Life force, and to engage with those God given talents to co-create a Life of service, through one Good will and for the ‘Good of the Whole’.

The Power of Prayer

The power of Prayer doesn’t belong to religion any more than God does. The power of prayer belongs to all those who long for something they can’t quite put their finger on.

The Power of Prayer creates a response

All those beliefs I had about how to pray are of no matter. What does matter is that we believe that we will get an answer. And if we don’t believe, then our first prayer is to ‘ask’ to have that belief reinstalled. Prayer doesn’t have to be fancy, but simple. It’s like having a chat to a good friend. Just relax and address who ever you call upon and ‘let go’. Take as long as you need to unload what’s going on, so you can find the relief you are looking for. By remaining aware you find the solution will follow directly, or as soon as your awareness expands enough to receive the truth. Sometimes prayer is as simple as yelling for help.

Are your Beliefs empowering or limiting you?

The Power of Prayer is contagious

Instead of asking God to change things ‘out there’, I have learned to ask ‘How can I make the changes within me that will empower me to take charge of my Life, with you at the wheel’. I often ask ‘How can I be more kind’? ‘How can I best love’? Who can I help and how can I best be of service?’ One of the simplest prayers I use is: ‘Show me the truth in this situation’. This raises the veil and brings me to a place of reflective truth which allows me to see, and to release the lies or beliefs which before were tucked away shadow side of my mind. The ripples of this ‘transformation’ flow through me, reaching out to those dealing with the same stress. In that moment, as the Truth is restored in me, so it is in others.

The Power of Prayer awakens and empowers me

The responses to my prayers, often come through in phrases or words I would not normally use. This is the holy language of my soul, awakening me to more of the ‘I AM’ within me. The sharing of these prayers or messages then become my soul’s contribution to a global awakening.

Over what seems like a life time, I have come to know personally, this powerful, impersonal ‘I AM’ is not only present during my ‘asking’, but is also the blessed quality that empowers me to faithfully and confidently respond and provide the service which is being ‘asked’ of me.

“God, fill me and surround me with your Grace. Bless me and all those I connect with, be it in thought, spirit or in the physical”

Marie 😍