Some people say that happiness is a state of mind – what do you think Marie?

Mmmm this is an interesting one. Years ago I would have said nonsense. But then I was caught up in the “When I, then I” syndrome. This means I was always looking outside myself for something or someone to make me feel better about myself and to be happy.

I was always looking ahead of myself saying things like:  When I have enough money, then I will volunteer my services in the things I love and believe in, and which has a purpose. In the mean time I have to work hard doing this job I don’t like to make money. In other words I was putting happiness on hold until I had enough money.

This is what we can often hear. When I get my masters, then I will be happy. When I make a million dollars, then I will be happy. When I get married then I’ll be happy. When have kids, then I’ll be happy. When my kids get a good job, then I’ll be happy, When I leave home, then I’ll be happy. When I get a job,  then I’ll be happy. And the list goes on and on.

Is this true? Think about it. Soon after you get what you thought would make you happy you are looking for something else to sustain those feelings of happiness, right?  All the while we spend time waiting until, we put the lid on real happiness in the present. The real happiness we seek is already here and lays within each and every one of us as an aspect of our natural blue print.

Happiness, along with compassion, passion, kindness, faith, fortune, gratitude, contentment, joy and other inner virtues are the heart or the spirit of who we are. Only our conditioning takes us away from the real essence of self.. As we take on board all those man-made beliefs about what success, worth, happiness, failure, etc. means we opt out of our blue print and we chase something outside of us.

Happiness and all its friends don’t go away we simply shift from our natural program to a man-made program which has the ability to run our lives successfully or ruin it successfully. It will all depend on the quality of the beliefs we hold about our self and life.

This doesn’t mean we can’t have all the success and material possessions in the world because we can. It’s just that if our happiness depends on all of that, what happens when we lose it? We feel lost and we have to go out again to find something else to fill the hole. Instead, we can simply reconnect with that natural Universal essence. As we make that our foundations for a life of happiness, we can go out and build a world on the outside knowing that if all else fails, who we are won’t crumble.


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