No Regrets, Ever

No regrets, ever. This is my promise to myself.

How long have you been living with regrets? Whether they are big or little regrets, its time to let them go, for they are only robbing you of a peaceful present and a better future.

It took a long time for me to that I was sitting in a quagmire of regret, and how much it was interfering with manifesting my future.

Wishing things could have been different

Every regret is a judgement. A wish that something could have been different. Having regrets means we are holding grief, guilt, disappointment and other emotions which keep us trapped, robbing us of the life we wish we could be living now. I can see clearly now that wishing things could have been different only held fast the pain of what was and what I thought might have been. I heard myself often starting a sentence with I wish I hadn’t …. or I wish I had ..

Regret to Acceptance to Manifestation

Even though I knew I couldn’t do anything about all that, those regrets, mistakes and judgements played on my mind. In the end I had to put a stop to it. For one last time I looked back, acknowledged and expressed how I felt about those unfulfilled wishes. For one last time I accepted fully and without judgement that I couldn’t do anything about it now. What was, was, what is, is and what will be is up to me. to let go fully of all that wishing for it to be different. When I let go of those past unfulfilled wishes I could fully embrace the wishes or intentions already in place for my future. Without those old blockages, those intentions were set in motion, now able to be fulfilled in my present reality. And they have and they are. And now all these years later those old regrets have regressed and have become like old worn out pages from my book of life.

Life’s tool box

Eventually I came to accept that nothing could have been any different, based on what I then knew, and the programming I was running. It is only in growing in mind, body and spirit that I recovered and developed those ‘tools’ I needed. Looking back, I can now accept I didn’t have those tools available to me in that given time. What I mean by this, is that they may have been in my ‘tool box’ but the tool box was unconsciously locked. At that particular time they were out of sight and out of mind. It’s easy to look back in hind sight and say I could have or I should have. In truth, I couldn’t have done anything different, for those all important tools which make up the powerful foundations of a good or godly life were no where to be found.

Mistakes or Feedback?

I can see clearly now, that some of those old decisions I wished I hadn’t made, have led me to achieving the things I was looking for, but in a much different way. NO REGRETS, EVER.

That’s why now, every day I wipe clean or I bathe my mind in the Godly juices of Divine love so that each day begins anew, afresh in the present, with the presence of mind to allow the future dreams and goals to be presented in the here and now as my reality. And they have and they are, NO REGRETS, EVER

There is a best selling book written by Bronnie Ware called The Top five Regrets of the Dying › blog › regrets-of-the-dying I loved it.

Reaching our Kids

This is why I am so passionate about reaching our kids at an early age, and teaching them how to access and develop those natural and spiritual foundations as the tools for life, where there is no room for regrets.

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No Regrets, Ever … Only Love

If we don’t reach our kids this way we will continue to see them develop bad habits of fear and be driven by negative fearful programs creating more pain for themselves and the world around. We owe it to our kids to teach them, before anything else the ‘power’ they have already within to be and to do all they choose. These natural foundations consist of things like: Divine Love, Faith, Trust, compassion, passion, confidence, knowledge, Inspiration, peace, integrity, spiritual intelligence, balance, respect, kindness and much more.

Recovering a Good Sense of Self

I am convinced we need to incorporate uncovering or recovering a good sense of self and self belief as an integral part of our school curriculum. Once our kids have a good sense of self, challenges in life can be met with a good attitude and things that once seemed impossible, become possible with NO REGRETS, EVER


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