Man’s will alone will never overcome – God & man will

Man’s will alone will never overcome – God & Man will. Fear is man-made, crontrolled and driven by man. Faith is the will of God. This means men and women must turn in and rely on the Higher, lighter and real power of the Divine Presence to overcome the dark and heavy fear and allow it to and guide us back into some sort of order.

Man’s will alone will never overcome – God and man will

As I sat on the beach one morning, I was suddenly overcome with this rage and shocked at the intensity of hatred I was projecting onto those people around the world committing evil inhumane deeds, particularly upon our kids and aged. Enough was enough. The things I wanted to do to them were bordering on evil too. Feelings of helplessness and the need for justice overcame me.

The truth is not always pretty

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Man’s will alone will never overcome – God and Man’s will

Fortunately those intense feelings passed quickly and within minutes I found the peace and freedom I was looking for and the pain in my chest eased. I realised then that my prayers had been answered and I had come to the most important moment in my Life thus far. Sometimes the truth is not pretty but the freedom that follows is pretty good.

I instantly gave thanks for showing me the truth, letting me see that truth within me. For opening up my heart and allowing divine love to enter and to over come all that was not of its self, so I could see through the eyes of God and Good again. And finally grateful for It taking it’s rightful place behind the steering wheel of my life.,-Faith-Or-Fear?&id=9545809

The power of light over dark

I would like to offer you and everyone around the world this same prayer, right now. I say offer because of course you have the right to refuse. And when I say everyone I include those people we see doing those horrific acts of evil because surely the power of the Light is far greater than the dark. The Sacredness of the Divine is the only power that will disarm fear and shut down those businesses of evil, from the inside out, and for good.

Man’s will alone will never overcome – God and Man will

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Man’s will alone will never overcome … God’s will

Remember Hu is an ancient name for God and man is the manifestation of that. This means that it takes Hu and man together to make us human, humane and for us to restore humanity. When we leave Hu out of the equation we divorce our self from our better half, and our greater good. We surrender to a world and a man-made law driven by fear.

Hu-manity – The perfect blend of God and Man

Man’s will alone will never overcome – God & man will. If we want to restore humanity we have to reconnect with our Spiritual intelligence Hu and restore Divine love as the driver in our life, in a way that is right for each one of us. When enough of us do this the war is over for good, and freedom is ours.

The Power of Prayer

So I’d like to offer this prayer now in faith that it will find its way into the hearts of people who need it most.

Dear God, Thank you for showing us the truth, for letting us see the truth within. Thank you for opening up our hearts and allowing the light of Divine Love to enter to overcome all that is not of its self and to take its rightful place behind the wheel of our life. Thank you for showing us how to forgive those who commit evil for surely the light of forgiveness is far more powerful than fear, justice and revenge.

And as we say Thank you it is done.

Blessings Marie 😍