Letting Go – what it means

Letting Go – what it means. It’s simple but not always easy. We hear so much about letting go but what does it mean to let go? How do we let go and what are we letting go of? Mmmm what a great question. What does it mean to let go and let God? It doesn’t seem that easy to let go of the old way of thinking and let the new way to come? Let go and move on? What does that mean? Letting go of relationships? That’s not easy, is it? And the list goes on!

What to let go of and what to hold on to!

We do a lot of ‘holding on’ and a lot of ‘letting go’ in our lives, don’t we? I have asked the question ‘how’ many times. When you think about the question, doesn’t it imply that we have to do something to let go? This in its self doesn’t make sense, does it? We know that letting go is about not doing, isn’t it?

Letting Go –
From Fear and terror …..
Holding onto Faith and Letting go of the fear, allowed me to experience the Freedom of free falling … what a gift.

What I now know is that ‘letting go’ means we have to sit in discomfort (fear) of not knowing until the courage and faith turns up. https://ezinearticles.com/?I-AM—What-Is,-Not-What-If&id=9797700

Look for the signs

I was going through a trying time and I just wanted some sort of guidance when something wonderful happened. Doesn’t it always? A beautiful poem found its way into my hands and my heart. I read it a number of times. I loved it even though I didn’t really understand it, not on a logical level anyway. However there was a feeling that something was happening inside. Over the next few days I found myself repeating “She just let go” over and over again. This was transformed into ‘I just let go’

The next day, quite spontaneously, I went to a Church and received a powerful message from the pastor about Be Still and Know I am God. Just Be was the ultimate message.

Try less, do less and let more be done

The following day, I awoke to some negative thoughts and doubts about the decisions I had recently made. I knew what I wanted, and I thought I was following my path. I also knew I had done some good work, but it just didn’t seem to be taking shape. All I could see was what was wrong in my life and what could go wrong. When I couldn’t see a clear path forward to meet with my new life, I began to think about going back and doing what I thought I had left behind. The thought of that made me feel sick. What the? In that moment, it happened! I didn’t do anything. As I remained still and stayed with those feelings something quickly changed.

Fear of the unknown

I could see clearly the reason for the delay in the unfolding of my new life was because I hadn’t closed the back door on the old way of life and the old way of doing things. I wasn’t fully committed to move forward into a new and very much unknown world. Those old thoughts, beliefs and patterns that were holding onto me suddenly let go, freeing me to think again. Immediately a new idea came to mind. I realised I had already done the preparation for my new life but had no idea, until now how to apply it.

Stop trying to work out the ‘How To’

The message The Spirit within goes before me to prepare the way, was shown to me, but I was still straining to see what laid ahead. When I stopped trying to work out the ‘How to’, the solution came into the empty space and I was filled with a new sense of hope, courage, confidence and faith. The answer was always here but I couldn’t see what was right under my nose because of my trying and my old way of thinking and be-having.

Be willing to remain in the discomfort

Getting uncomfortable is the first stage of letting go. That earlier unconfomfrotable awakening turned out to be the ‘letting go’. It aroused a new level of faith and the conviction I needed to allow the old way to dissolv. My purpose became fully integrated as the only way.

Again, I realised that although I felt stuck, I was never, ever stuck. I was always in transition, simply in a state of letting go and letting God take the reins again.

Letting Go – what it means is staying present.

Remember, as you let go, here I AM

Love and many blessings Marie 😍

This is the poem by Ernest Holmes: https://ernestholmes.wwwhubs.com

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