'Be Inspired' 

Inspired speaker, Marie Brunger delivers a down-to-earth messasge that leaves no doubt that our beliefs can run our lives successfully or they can ruin our lives successfully. Your beliefs can make you ill or make you well. They can support your recovery or prevent your recovery.  

Beyond all belief lies the well-being, fulffilment and the freedom we seek

Marie maintains that recovering a real sense of self is the solution. When you have faith in who you are,  you can trust your self to do whatever aligns with your nature, and that which makes your heart sing. 

By shifting our perception, we are able to see that faith does not belong to religion. Faith is a spiritual attitude. It's an all-inclusive, creative , real sense of self,  self-belief, and the trust many of us have been looking for. Faith is our natural on-board sense of safety, guidance, personal power, self-healing and self-care kit, and much more. When we lose touch with this, we stand to lose everything. As we stop trusting our self,  we look outside our self for that sense of safety, direction, and solutions.

With  a shift in attitude, you will get to know Faith as the driving force not only behind all healing, but in raising you and your loved ones up to a greater heights of living, loving and achieving, more naturally. The the ripples of these life-changing experiences will flow outward, dramatically effecting others around the world.

Marie shares amazing insights, explains the effects of those core beliefs running her life, and the personal healing she found. She includes the healing and awareness which took place for her clients and the simple but invaluable learning she gained from her work over the  past 25 years. She says "It's never too late to change your mind."

Don't miss out on being a part of these life changing experiences.

'Marie has an exceptional presence that draws people to her as she shares her insights, and inspires everyone around her to take the next step to recover and embrace who you are'.  She reminds us 'There is no right or wrong way to recover the nature of your true self, only a way that is right for you'.


As an Author and Speaker Marie has been requested to speak at a wide variety of events that cover the range from community events, organisations to corporate meetings.


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"Hi Marie,

I just thought I’d send you this acknowledgement of the talk you gave,  I have just read from one of my student’s reflections for the Cert III course

.This learning opportunity has provided us with the tools and skill-set vital for embracing a life of independence. Personally, I now realise I am more than capable to return to the workforce.  Not only have I acquired extensive skills in business management, I have also been fortunate to have gained valuable awareness, enabling me to view myself in a different light – I am remembering who I am… I am worthy; I trust myself; I have faith in myself; I am safe; I am good enough; I am capable.

As soon as I read the “I am” I had to pass this onto you. Thank you for making a difference in their lives.

Kind regards


"I am so glad I met up with Marie again. Once again, I benefitted from her outstanding skills. Marie has a great ability to empower people by prompting people to access their own resources through creative thinking. Marie is visionary and open our mind to a bigger picture of our selves. We can develop bigger possibilities in creating a happier and more healthy life through her guidance and inspiration. Marie creates a life changing experience. I feel more fulfilled, confident and happier, thanks to Marie who shown me a better world"

Marie Cowman

"Hi Marie … I was at he Interagency Meeting yesterday. I want to say not only was it a pleasure to meet you but your presentation was truly inspirational and so relevant for me to hear right now as I am heading for a change and getting back to who I am. Timely to say the least! … Belinda