I Think With My Heart

I think with my heart were powerful words spoken to me by a young woman with Downs Syndrome. Carolyin’s declaration left it’s mark on my world many years ago, and remains one of the most precious and well-used gifts today.

The lessons we learn and the people we learn from

“My daughter has Downs Syndrome, can you help her? She thinks she has a spirit inside her,” he said. Both parents were deeply stressed, not knowing how to handle their daughter’s intellectual difficulty, or her desire to be like other normal young women. Although I had no experience in this area, I promised to do my best.

Carolyn was an animated young teenager with a vivacious smile. It took time to be able to understand her distorted speech, and I questioned how I could possibly support this young woman. As I let go of my intellect and relaxed, I became inspired.

I AM works no matter what

I wrote out an affirmation ‘I AM Love’ on a piece of A4 paper and I spoke it out clearly. I repeated the exercise and asked Carolyn to do it with me. Together we wrote ‘I AM Love’ and spoke it out together. We continued this exercise writing out different affirmations like ‘I AM Beautiful’, ‘I AM Kind’, ‘I AM Joy’, each time sounding them out energetically.

Out of the blue, Carolyn stopped, looked me straight in the eye, thumped her chest and declared loudly and passionately, ‘I AM Heart’, ‘I think with my heart’. I not only heard her message with my ears, I felt it in my heart. At the end of the session, I left Carolyn with a pile of ‘I AM’ affirmations and suggested she write some out so we could look at them at our next session.

I AM the words and works of your Godly Self

As I greeted this extraordinary, young woman the following week, she excitedly showed me the collection of ‘I AM’ affirmations she had written over and over, and over again. Throughout our second session, many times Carolyn persevered through frustration until she was able to clearly and confidently write and passionately speak these wonderful things about herself. Here was the proof in the pudding. This young woman was demonstrating the words and works of her Godly Self, which were being expressed through her heart, not from her intellect. The experience was Divine. I was deeply humbled.

Carolyn didn’t see herself different. From her perspective, she saw her self as as the same, with he same normal desires as other young women her age. This was proof for me that when we are willing to see beyond the so-called disability we see the heart and spirit of the person looking back at us.

I think with my Heart – What a precious lesson

When we get to the heart of the matter we all carry the same precious gift

My time with Carolyn was short-lived, but holds lasting memories. When I left, I prayed for another teacher to come along to help her to express more of her spirited self. Later I wondered whether she came into my life as my gifted teacher? I think with my heart, became a powerful and precious affirmation for me, and remains a constant reminder that when we get to the heart of the matter, we really are all the same.


I AM Beyond logic

Even today, when I get caught up in the chaos of the mind, I remember Carolyn’s words, ‘I think with my heart’ and I smile, allowing my focus to drop down into my heart. From this blessed perspective, I am able to think, hear and see beyond the challenges to what’\s possible.

Don’t take my word for it, take the words of Carolyn and THINK WITH YOUR HEART.

Blessings Marie 😍

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