I AM, the way to wellness

I AM, is the way to wellness. It is of no matter what label you give the illness or condition, or what name you give to this Spiritual Being. All that matters is that you call upon this ONE spiritual cure to overcome the man-made curse of fear. Fear is at the root of all mental and emotional ill-health. When fear takes up residence in the body it presents us with an array of symptoms and matter. Our doctors will happily give us labels to make us feel better. We then go about fighting against these ‘messages,’ disguised as disease, leaving us even more sick and tired, and the real cause still kicking and screaming.

I AM, A Spiritual Approach to Wellness

Give up the Fight

When we put love back into the driver’s seat, we put an end to the fight against all of these global diseases, conditions and syndromes that are crippling man’s kindness.

I wonder what would happen if we spent a fraction of the money the government uses to ‘fight’ against such disorders to teach our community the art of restoring a healthy self-loving and peaceful identity?

Tuning into the real Solution

When we give up the fearful fight against what-ever we think is wrong with us and we are willing to do that “surrender’ thing we allow this real unconditional love to overcome us from the inside-out. With fear out of the way we become more intuitive or in-tune with our love-filled needs. We can better decide if and what external mediation or medication is required to complete the restoration of well-being from a place of one-self love. Remember your answers are in your awareness. Be aware that your intuitive assistance or messages can come heavenly and heavily disguised as a person, book, video, a poem, and from all sorts of places.

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Was it a curse or the cure?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was the opening for me to see I had let the curse of fear into the driver’s seat of my life. I was haunted and driving myself nuts by the fearful perception I held about God, Love and myself.


My journey became one of raising faith and lowering fear until faith became stronger and fear was no longer. It meant making that powerful decision over and over again until ‘It’ stuck and the fear became unstuck. Only when I could see myself, God and Love standing in the one light was ‘I’ finally freed from the prison of my mind. This allowed a joyful life to flow through me again without restrictions or limitations.


Think again, I AM 😍

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