Hu-manity – The perfect blend of God and Man

Hu-manity – The perfect blend of God and man. When we exclude Hu from Life’s equation we look for something or someone to blend with to fill the empty space to make us whole again.

We talk about God and the oneness with God. We constantly hear about being the God, I AM. So why are we still struggling to accept the wonderful blend of Hu (which is God) and man as one formidable LIfe?

I feel that the more we try to understand ‘It’ with our logical mind the more we will remain confused and separated from what is our natural well being because to the logical mind it is non-sense.

Stop trying to Understand

We try so hard to break down the resistance to finding God, but what we are really trying to break through is the need to understand It with our logical mind? Perhaps we will never make sense of It with our logical mind because it doesn’t belong there. What if, it is only when we give up the need to understand It (what ever you want to call it) and become open to seeing It differently we will find that which we are looking for is already.

As we are willing to faithfully step into that place of total acceptance without the understanding, we integrate what already is and we come to know it, not as a philosophy but as the essence of who we are. Through the art of this self-acceptance we experience a real sense of being. Without it we will continue to feel like a fake. Without the one-ness we are frauds and just a shadow of who we truly are.

Acceptance, not understanding brings relief

I find it quiet strange that I can accept my arm as an extension of my body without question, with almost a nonchalant attitude, a shrug of the shoulders – it just is. Now, accepting God as whom I am feels as if there really is no more God and me and I wonder what all the fuss was about. It feels as if God has disappeared. But in truth I know that only my concept of God and Jesus for that matter has gone and I am left with I AM THAT I AM.  I expected bells and whistles but instead there is a quietness about it. Like a relief? Like a nonchalant feeling of what is. It’s like being aware of the presence of a peaceful inner lining to this body. Don’t they say that every dark cloud has a silver lining?

Imagine it this way

We have three cups each one with different brands of dried espresso coffee inside them. Then we add boiling water to each cup. Now do the contents of the cup become water or does it remain coffee. It remains coffee, right? If someone asks us what we are drinking do we say “Water infused with coffee?’ or “Coffee infused with water?” or do we simply say “I am drinking coffee.” We don’t talk about the water or the infusion or enhancement that the water gives us, do we? NO of course not. We simply go about our day enjoying our coffee without any regard for the water that made this so drinkable and delightful. And we declare – that was a lovely cup of coffee.

Hu-manity – The perfect blend of God and man

Now imagine three men standing side by side – all different in shape, size, age, etc. Each one receives the in-pouring of God. They may still look the same from the outside but what happens inside as they become infused with this light kind of energy? This kindness becomes the constant and common denominator blending their lives making them a part of what we call humanity.

The Perfect Blend

Now we approach one of the men and we ask “Who are you?” Does he respond I AM God, or I AM Mick infused with God? Or I AM God infused with Mick? No of course not that would be too confusing, wouldn’t it? We are given Christian names or heavenly names to help identify ourselves aside from God. We ask Mick who he is, he simply responds I AM Mick. And as we ask the same of the other men they too respond I AM John, I AM Stephen, each one answering without any shadow of a doubt about who they are as they go about their business of expressing that kindness into the world through living a kind of life they choose, in their own unique, kind of way.

Blessings Marie 😍