How Redefining Success Changed my life

Recently, someone asked me what inspired me to success. Before I could answer that question, I had to ask myself what is success. As it turned out, the exercise of redefining success changed my life.

How it used to be

Let me explain. Back in the early 90’s I had, what I thought was success. People looking at my life, my marriage, home, business, personal belongings and life style, certainly thought that we were successful, and happy. However, beyond the mask, I wore a deep sense of insecurity. I was constantly worried about loosing it all. Much later, I could see how my sense of identity, security and success was wrapped up in what one could see and what I was seen to be doing.

Time to find out who I am

Needless to say I lost it all, my marriage, my home, the money and everything I thought related to who I was. This loss turned out, to be an opportunity to rediscover my real identity, and to find real security from the inside-out. I began a new journey of discovering what is real, and what was false. I peeled off many masks, to find the answers to the question, Who am I?

Letting go of old beliefs

Unfortunately, old habits and deep beliefs have a habit of returning. Before long I was looking to find ways to prove that I wasn’t a failure. I wanted to show those people how successful I could be. I’ll show them, just watch me, I thought.

To cut a long story short, when I turned 65 I still had nothing visible to show for my hard work. Many of my dreams were still unfulfilled, and I had failed to make an ongoing substantial income through my business. People looking at my life surely would not see me as successful. As it turned out these were only my beliefs being projected outward, onto those people and seeing them reflected back again. They were clues into how I was thinking about my self. Until that realisation, I grieved my failings and I grieved the life I wanted but didn’t reach.

Seeing through renewed eyes

Finally, the blind fold came off ,and I could see all the successes over a long period of time were right there under my nose. I even had the proof, by way of words of gratitude sent to me. Did I not see these before? I was so busy looking for what I thought was success, and what was missing, that I missed what was already here? There wasn’t much out there to show for life, but there is a lot inside me.

Shifting my perspective

When I finally came to terms with my new-found way of seeing success, the grief healed and a new level of self-appreciation took place. Even though things around me didn’t change for a little while, my perception did. I can better see how redefining success changed my life and brings me more peace, and less stress.

I came to see that my heart’s desires, and my ego’s desires are very different. My hearts’ desires come from my natural spirit self and are based on an inner sense of freedom. My egos desires derived from believing I would only be okay if I could see signs of success in my world. Making money would be the proof that I was good enough, and worthy enough in the eyes of other people. And in my mind, this was freedom.

I delivered the desires of my heart

As I looked back to all those years ago, I remembered I had only two great desires. To Heal my life and help others to help themselves to do the same, through a process of raising faith and lowering fear.

Today, looking through the eyes of success, instead of failure, I can see how far I have come. My Faith has definitely raised to a whole new level. I have achieved my hearts desires, in many ways. Over a long period of time, I have helped many people to heal their lives, who in turn have helped their families in the same way. Their success is my success.

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How redefining success changed my life

Again, I am reminded of Mother Teresa’s message:

We can do no great things in this world, only little things with great love’

Today, I accept that I may or may not always see the outcomes of my work and that’s okay. I now have enough faith in knowing that even those little deeds, and kind words carry the power to make a huge difference, and I love it.

The great news is that, other people may or may not see my success, and that’s okay. I know what success feels like from the inside. Finally, I feel happy and secure in whom I am, as a woman and as a human being. And when I let go of religion, I could feel good about who I am in God, and it’s all good enough for me.

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Persistence won the tug-of-war

The Universe fought hard to give me my heart’s desires, but I fought back because of the conflicting beliefs I held about success and the real joy of Life.

It took me to lose everything to get my thinking straightened out. In doing so, I found my real self and a new life with more leisure and pleasure. And now the more keeps coming. I came to realise that who I am is everything and everything else is like the icing on the cake. I know, when I stand strong in the foundations of who I am, even if icing falls off, I won’t crumble and fall. And I have faith that the icing can simply be replaced.

Grace and Gratitude

And now, feeling genuine gratitude for my journey to this point, and grateful for who I am and what I do have in my life. I am excited for no other reason than I know there is more of Life to enjoy. I am free of any and all attachment to my worth or success. This means, that instead of fighting, I am surrendered to giving and receiving, and celebrating with more grace and gratitude.

With appreciation, Marie 😍

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