Greta Thunberg proves age is no barrier

When it comes to leading the way, Greta Thunberg proves age is no barrier It was so refreshing to see a young woman stamping her authority on the need for climate change. She is as great example of what is possible when we listen and act.

Climate warming – means time for change

Change doesn’t begin with the Government, it begins by challenging the Government

We always knew that change wouldn’t come from our governments, but from everyday people with a passion and the courage to stand against the government. I don’t think we ever thought our kids would make such an impact as they are today.

Our young people have a voice and they are demanding to be heard.

Our youth are not our future, they are here NOW to instigate the necessary changes to ensure there is a future to look forward to

Our young men and women are looking for equality, and it’s time for us to give it them. It’s time to stop telling them what to do. Let’s stop, and listen to what they are trying to tell us. We adults need to stop projecting our fears and our hand-me-downs beliefs and values onto our kids and allow them to think for themselves. We need to put our trust and faith in them to show us another way.

Our young people are offering us a loud message for change

I see the problems our children present today offer a loud message of time for change. Instead of wanting to fix them or us wanting them to change, I think we adults need to shift our perception and see them and our world differently. We need help them to nurture and develop those natural seeds that make up their unique self and to support them to express that which they believe in.

Our youth hold the solution to healing the internal and the external environment

I am confident that our youth hold the solution to recovering the natural healthy resources to overcome a depressed and anxious internal environment which is crippling families around the world, as well as overcoming the depletion of natural resources which is crippling our external environment.

Climate change is a choice

Our youth are our teachers, we their students

Our youth are our teachers, if we let them. As we are willing, we become a student to a new wave of proactive leaders who are willing to show us the way to make the necessary changes in our own life, which will have a direct and positive affect on others and our external environment.

Our kids are our real heroes

I believe our kids are our real heroes, assigned to inspire us all to realign with man’s kindness again. Surely as we treat our selves, others and our environment in a healthy way, we will restore humanity.

I am with love and respect for our young people

Marie 😍

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