Does Forgiveness Stop the Cycle of Guilt

Does forgiveness stop to the cycle of guilt? According to the bible, all of our guilt was washed away by the blood of Christ, when Jesus died on the cross over 2000 years ago. The question is do we believe that? And do we believe that all of our sins are already forgiven? Isn’t this the freedom we are looking for, today? What if it really is already done?

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Does forgiveness stop the cylce of guilt?
YES it creates a guilt free zone

Forgiving the unforgivable

Many people, like myself are still learning the art of Forgiveness. It took me a long time to ask, and even longer to accept complete forgiveness for all those things I shouldn’t have done, should have done and of course the things I accused myself of doing. At some stage in my life I decided that I wasn’t worthy of complete forgiveness. I felt that some of my wrong-doings were unforgivable. For far too long, I sat in the messy quagmire of guilt, self pity, shame and blame? Urgh!

True or False?

Often there is no crime at at all. It can be a a feeling of guilt based on the judgments we make about our self, or based on actions we took, or didn’t take. It can come from the expectations we put upon our self, others and the world we live in. I judged myself often and very unfairly. Some of the things I told myself were: I’m lazy, I failed, I let myself down, I let others down, I hurt someone, I’m not good enough, I must have done something wrong or my life would be different. And the list goes on. These accusations weren’t true but as these stories turned into beliefs they became true for me. As you know once those judgments or beliefs take root, they have a habit of running or ruining our lives.

Guilty or not guilty, that is the question!

We often hold onto the mistake or crime against our self or another long after the act has been done and dusted. These beliefs insist and persist in reminding us we are not good enough, Godly enough, deserving enough, worthy enough, loving enough (and again, the list goes on) to be forgiven or to be happy. Or God forbid, be loved. As I was unfair to myself I was unfair to others. I became more kind to myself and others as soon as I replaced guilt with the attitude of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude’ – Martin Luther King‘ :

Does forogiveness stop the cycle of guilt?
Forgiveness is the key to escaping the prison of our mind

Escaping the prison of your mind-set

When a person goes to prison for a crime they committed, they do their time and then he or she is set free again.However, unless they have been supported to resolve and dissolve the guilt, they will remain in the prison of their guilty and shameful mind.

This unhealthy mind-set sends us going around in circles, running the same pattern, and repeating the same guilt driven crimes and addictive behaviours, over and over again. Without the intervention of forgiveness, we continue to keep guilt alive and us dying.

As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew If I didn’t leave my bitterness behind, I’d still be in prison’ – Nelson Mandela:

Unforgiveness and disease

Holding tightly to those unhealthy, guilty, not good enough, unforgivable beliefs creates extensive tension, in our mind body system? Think about the illnesses and diseases which stem from all that stress? How does depression and anxiety and other fear driven illnesses fit in to this? Whether the crime is against our self or another, or whether the guilt is real or stems from a false belief, they need our loving attention in order to heal.

Shame hardens the heart

There is nothing that can not be forgiven? It’s as simple as being open to receiving complete forgiveness to complete the letting go process and to regain wholeness. Forgiveness means letting go of everything, real or perceived for they are equally powerful in our minds. We can’t keep sweeping things under the mat.The dam around our heart becomes thicker and harder, the longer we hold onto those beliefs, and the more we add to the pile,

Does forgiveness stop the cycle of guilt?
Forgiveness allows you to let the cast
the burden of guilt away

As you believe, it is

Many people, will think, as I did that they have to do something to deserve God’s love. In my mind God was always so high and mighty that no matter how hard I tried to appease and please God, I never felt Good or Godly enough. As I believed, it was. In my mind, I could just not measure up, and God’s love was always out of my reach. This doubt is the real burden we carry, until we are ready to cast it off, for good.

What do you believe about God?

Over time, we suffer the consequences of those unhealthy blockages somewhere in our mind body system, and in our life. I believe when we are willing to shift our perception of God, we will see none of this is God’s doing. It’s time to give up blaming God and the idea that God or the Universe is testing us, judging us, or making us feel guilty. After all we do that very well our self, don’t we?

It isn’t God who turns away ashamed of us. We become too ashamed to look in the mirror to face our Good or Godly Self. Our guilt keeps us at arms length with the love of God which is the divine nature of our self. Guilt, deprives us of that Oneness. Regardless of the name we use, I have no doubt in my mind and heart today, that the love of God is always present within. At times we may not feel or be aware of that Presence.

Healing the hurts

Recently I discoveredthat I was harbouring blame and unforgiveness toward some people from an event nearly 20 years ago. I needed to forgive those people, as well as accept forgiveness for myself for hanging onto that poison for so long. Holding onto those beliefs for all that time wasn’t harming any one but me.

Does forgiveness stop the cycle of guilt?

How true this was for me! I held on to the idea I had failed, because my life didn’t look as I wanted it to look. Many times I looked back through the eyes of guilt, and wished it could have been different?

What does it take to break that cycle of guilt?

What does it take to cast aside that burden? We can’t run away from it because the problem is within us. Where ever we go, there we are. When enough is enough we stop, and turn within.

In the movie The Light between two Oceans, a woman’s husband had led a very hard and painful life. His wife asked him how he managed to remain positive and happy after all had been done to him, and all had happened. His answer was something like this: “Forgiveness, Why? Because it’s easier.” You only have to forgive once and it is done. On the other hand, to keep unforgiveness, resentment or hatred alive, we have to remember and think about the bad things every day over and over again; that is hard work.

There is no right or wrong way

Remember, that there is no right or wrong way to raise your attitude from guilt to forgiveness. Whether you are religious or not, you can begin by simply finding a quiet spot and make the call. ‘Ask‘, who ever, or what-ever, represents your greatest inner-love and protection. You can say something like this:

I am right now ready and willing to surrender all this guilt and shame and shift my attitude into a place of absolute forgiveness. Thank you for showing me the way”.

Now, open your mind and heart and you will be guided to the right group, person, book, course or therapist, or you may not have to go anywhere, for your personal faith within may well be the miracle that will handle the details.

Giving Thanks through prayer

Prayer is not so much about asking or pleading; it’s about giving thanks for what you are seeking and believing that which you need, has been given. It is sometimes more difficult to ask, and accept forgiveness from our self than it is from another. You surrender your fears and guilt, in exchange for complete forgiveness. As you confront God, which is the heart and soul of your Self, and you offer up these ‘hurts’ the process of softening that dam begins. When we remember to say thank you, in faith, it is done.

Love and forgiveness softens the heart

Does forgiveness stop the cycle of guilt?

As the flood gates open, you may find an instant outpouring or you might find the flow trickles back into our Being. You may find a sense of relief, or peace overcome you, and your heart softens. Now, your job is to simply promise to keep those heavenly gates open, with a will never to let them close again, and you will find the real love of God present, here, there and where forever you are – always in all ways.

Seeing God in a new Light

Now, doesn’t it make more sense that it’s our interpretation of God, and the imperfections we see within our self and others, that keep guilt alive and us dying to be free? Our false ideas of God keeps us from feeling Good about our self, and from owning the abundant Life that is rightfully ours.

Transforming Imperfection into I’m Perfection

What if the only thing we are guilty is forgetting the perfection within us all. As you look through the eyes of unconditional love, you will see your self as you were created This is way beyond the imperfections of the flesh. You will be overcome by the pure and perfect image of Good or Godliness, in the name I AM. I AM transforms Imperfection into I’m Perfection. It’s asmaazing how a simple can shift our perception change the way we see our selves.

Restoring Humanity through the art of Forgiveness

Our role as Human Beings is to see our self and others through the eyes of Good. Can you imagine how relationships present, past, and future can be different, and empowered through the simple and constant attitude of forgiveness? As we shift into the higher energy of forgiveness, we become kinder to our self and others. Now, isn’t this the simplest way of restoring and maintaining humanity?

Does Forgiveness stop the cycle of guilt – it’s your choice!

Are you ready? – I AM

Isn’t it time to let go, and let forgiveness and real love overcome and become your constant attitude? Is this is not the miracle we are looking for? Are you finally ready to accept this gift of forgiveness, and a guilt free Life offered to us all over 2000 years ago?

Does forgiveness stop the cycle of guilt?

Thank you I AM all forgiving and forgiving all

Marie 😍

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