As long as there are questions to be answered

we are never truly alone!

Conversations with Marie

Conversations with Marie is your space for asking questions. I will respond with an answer as a blog post so that our whole community can learn and grow from each other's questions. All answers will be posted without any personal identifying details to protect your privacy.

As you read the responses with an open heart, you will find something resonating with you on a deeper level. All I am doing is reminding you what you already know at soul level.

Don't underestimate the importance of your questions. You could be asking questions that are on the mind of many other people. Your asking is a valuable contribution and will make it possible for us to reach and support people and communities across the world.

To submit your question please complete the form and check back below in a few days time to see my response. 


**Disclaimer - Answer or responses do not represent advice of any nature. These are simply responses to your questions with an inner knowing that comes from many years of soul work and simply reminds you of what you know already deep down.  All answers provided by Marie are of an informational nature only and do not take the place of a professional opinion and should not be relied on as health, legal or personal advice in any way.  Please seek a professional opinion as necessary. You acknowledge that by submitting your question you will be automatically added to Marie's mailing list and will receive her daily "Remembering I am" emails. Your privacy is guaranteed and your details will not be shared or sold at any time. You are free to unsubscribe at any time.

Answers from Marie

Marie what can you say are the keys to your personal healing?
Without knowing why, I made a commitment to heal my life, (not the illness) and to help others to help[...]
Marie what can you say was the reason for your personal healing?
I didn't waste too much time exploring the illness. Instead I began to explore what I could do to get[...]
What is Faith – is it belief in a particular religion?
My commitment to doing what it took to heal my life, took me through the exploration of many religious and[...]
Some people say that happiness is a state of mind – what do you think Marie?
Mmmm this is an interesting one. Years ago I would have said nonsense. But then I was caught up in[...]

“I AM” A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health is a straight from the heart, down to earth account of a stubborn women’s difficult, yet ultimately life-changing conversion. Regardless of your particular circumstances, “I AM” A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health renders insights to a natural complimentary approach for the prevention, and intervention of ill-health, as well as the mediation for on-going, mental wellness and complete well-being.

Marie Brunger’s opportunity came in 1992 through the diagnosis of a debilitating illness. Within four years she became a therapist and teacher with a mission to help others to help themselves in the simplest of ways. Her focus is on restoring the foundations of good mental health and holistic well-being by living the simple “I AM” Philosophy which recognises God and I as One.