Client Love

"Thank you Marie, I am often thinking of you, especially when I am reading, for I seem to come across text or verse that reminds me of you. I am very well and I contribute that to you and our work more than the medical side of things. You may never know how much you have done for me, but I do! My love to you and thank you again" Graeme 

"Dear Marie – You are a special beautiful and unique soul. Thank you for all the love and support and guidance on this journey of mine these last two weeks. I’ll treasure our time together always" lots of love Marcia 

"Hi Marie, Your message could not have come at a more appropriate time. I have been feeling down and depressed lately and the message you sent me has inspired me again. I have focused too much on my being well in the past and have totally ignored my personal inner happiness. This will change of this moment as I send this reply to a message that is sooooo sssssimple yet can have a huge impact on ones health. Thank you for the message – it was great timing" - Gary

"I had an epiphany on Sunday when I first became consciously aware I was living my life as a victim.  I could never abide myself having a ‘victim’ living within me. In an instant I knew it’s done, over, finished. The victim is out of me never to return no matter what happens.

Thank you for providing and holding the space for me to come to that realisation, you have helped to free me. Bless you Marie …

You never stop learning and you never stop growing providing you have the tools to help you. Marie has given me those tools which I will use throughout my life. I cannot sing Marie’s praises enough. Her energy is astounding and you feel energised just being in her company. When you start to see what she teaches working for you, you will see the possibilities there are in life.

Why take my word for it, see for your self and let Marie do for you what she had done for countless others. Thank you so much Marie for all you have done for me. Words cannot say it enough YOU ARE LOVE!" - Celeste 

from the kids

"Dear Marie thank you for your time. I really enjoyed our seminars. They helped me a lot. You helped me build my confidence and helped me realise I am ok. I learned a lot while I was with you and I will carry your knowledge with me the rest of my life. I am grateful for all you have done for us. I believe in myself more and I find myself more open to people and able to accept their help and compliments. I will remember all that you have taught me. Once again thank you." - Mikaela

"Hello, it’s Mel … I can’t thank you enough for “I AM”. Seriously, it helped me so much. I’m not really sure what I did before I listened to all of your wise words. I feel so different now. I’m happier and becoming closer to people. People want to be around me. I have more confidence to try and not be afraid to stand out. It’s given me confidence and I realise I can achieve what I want. I am here for a purpose. It has made me want to help others around me. To share the things you have shared, with people that I believe need to know. I want everyone to hear what you told me. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am. Thank you Thank you Thank you Marie!" - Mel


"Thanks so much for the help you have given us. It is really appreciated and you’re a lovely person and I want to be just like you – you’re my idol. I want to be able to help people as much as you do. Thank you" - Tahnee                                                                                                      

"Marie, thank you for all of your support. I appreciate it dearly. You are such a great role model and a special person. Thanks for helping me out Marie" - Aleshia x x

"Words cannot explain how amazing you are, thank you" - Brosi


"Dearest Marie …A few short words cannot explain, describe or express the effect you have had on us, or at least me, and the thanks and gratitude I feel towards you. The Goddess and God have brought us together in a time I needed you the most, even though I didn’t know I did. You are like an emotional scar less healer (wicked cream that majorly helps heal sores) I hope the world treats you nicely and that our fates can intertwine once more … Peace & blessings"Jacquiline-Lee

Dear Marie … Thank you so much for coming into school and helping myself and the others with the program “I AM”. It was such a blessing. Never have I imagined myself talking with a whole bunch of girls about issues that honestly I couldn’t possibly ever do in the past. Now I feel absolutely comfortable speaking about my beliefs and being my True Self in front of people. Never have I ever truly felt this way for a very long time.

Out of doing this program I came out thinking the one thing people love to see is someone being themselves. I know it’s a learning stage as we grow up but I’ve learnt to deal with issues, feelings, emotions and attitude towards different things in a more positive way. This course has helped me believe that I’ve got a lot more potential than I realised. I can help inspire other people to show their true self without being afraid. I wish it went for longer because seriously it’s really worth doing. I know it’s helped me a lot and I would like to say thank you !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. With love" - Allie

"Dear Marie, thank you for helping me. I have learned a lot over the past few weeks. You have helped me more than I can say " - Trudi xx

"Thank you for everything you’ve done for me Marie. You showed me that I’m perfect just the way I am and you’ve “given me more self confidence"- Ashleigh x x x

"Thank you for being amazing and helping us. I love you heaps." - Courtney