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My walk with Jesus

My walk with Jesus. I feel as if I have walked from Bethlehem to Jerusalem and back again trying to understand Jesus’ purpose in my life. As I strove to be as Godly as He, I was often left feeling afraid, exhausted and like a failure. I even tried to get rid on him a number of times, thinking that he was a crutch and I relied on him far too much.

Real Love doesn’t die

Now, accepting I walk a very crooked line without him, I depend on Him being my guiding hand and light, keeping me on the straight and narrow. Today, I feel his spirit alive in me as my invisible guide and mentor, encouraging, protecting, and sometimes gently chastising me. He is a miracle worker in so many ways. I’m living proof of that!

Try less, be more and let more be done

When I fully accepted my short-comings in this physical body and the world I saw, without judgement, I could finally relax, and see more of the Good and the God in myself, others and in Life. I know now, nothing I do, try or strive for can make me more like Jesus. It’s only in trying less and being more that I am more like Him, allowing the words and works of Good to continue to be done in the simplest, natural and perfect way.

After 25 years, I can now embrace that which I tried so hard to deny, to understand and that which I was so scared of, as Being a true reflection of my Good and Sacred Self. What Freedom!


Inspired painting by Marie Brunger 2000

An Inspired Poem by Marie Brunger


I was Scared
I felt inadequately prepared
And I despaired
At the thought of walking in Jesus’ shoes
Until I heard the news
“We are not asking you
To walk in HIS’ shoes
Only to choose
To let the holy son come
To walk within your shoes with you
Together as one”
Suddenly it made sense
The relief was immense
No longer afraid
The decision was made
To simply agree
To let it be
And immediately
I let go
I felt the flow
Of the Christ energy
Move through me
And I knew it was done
Two wills became one
A new life begun
Not as me, or he, or we, but