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Hu-manity – The perfect blend of God and Man

Hu-manity – The perfect blend of God and man. When we exclude Hu from Life’s equation we look for something or someone to blend with to fill the empty space to make us whole again.

We talk about God and the oneness with God. We constantly hear about being the God, I AM. So why are we still struggling to accept the wonderful blend of Hu (which is God) and man as one formidable LIfe?

I feel that the more we try to understand ‘It’ with our logical mind the more we will remain confused and separated from what is our natural well being because to the logical mind it is non-sense.

Stop trying to Understand

We try so hard to break down the resistance to finding God, but what we are really trying to break through is the need to understand It with our logical mind? Perhaps we will never make sense of It with our logical mind because it doesn’t belong there. What if, it is only when we give up the need to understand It (what ever you want to call it) and become open to seeing It differently we will find that which we are looking for is already.

As we are willing to faithfully step into that place of total acceptance without the understanding, we integrate what already is and we come to know it, not as a philosophy but as the essence of who we are. Through the art of this self-acceptance we experience a real sense of being. Without it we will continue to feel like a fake. Without the one-ness we are frauds and just a shadow of who we truly are.

Acceptance, not understanding brings relief

I find it quiet strange that I can accept my arm as an extension of my body without question, with almost a nonchalant attitude, a shrug of the shoulders – it just is. Now, accepting God as whom I am feels as if there really is no more God and me and I wonder what all the fuss was about. It feels as if God has disappeared. But in truth I know that only my concept of God and Jesus for that matter has gone and I am left with I AM THAT I AM.  I expected bells and whistles but instead there is a quietness about it. Like a relief? Like a nonchalant feeling of what is. It’s like being aware of the presence of a peaceful inner lining to this body. Don’t they say that every dark cloud has a silver lining?

Imagine it this way

We have three cups each one with different brands of dried espresso coffee inside them. Then we add boiling water to each cup. Now do the contents of the cup become water or does it remain coffee. It remains coffee, right? If someone asks us what we are drinking do we say “Water infused with coffee?’ or “Coffee infused with water?” or do we simply say “I am drinking coffee.” We don’t talk about the water or the infusion or enhancement that the water gives us, do we? NO of course not. We simply go about our day enjoying our coffee without any regard for the water that made this so drinkable and delightful. And we declare – that was a lovely cup of coffee.

Hu-manity – The perfect blend of God and man

Now imagine three men standing side by side – all different in shape, size, age, etc. Each one receives the in-pouring of God. They may still look the same from the outside but what happens inside as they become infused with this light kind of energy? This kindness becomes the constant and common denominator blending their lives making them a part of what we call humanity.

The Perfect Blend

Now we approach one of the men and we ask “Who are you?” Does he respond I AM God, or I AM Mick infused with God? Or I AM God infused with Mick? No of course not that would be too confusing, wouldn’t it? We are given Christian names or heavenly names to help identify ourselves aside from God. We ask Mick who he is, he simply responds I AM Mick. And as we ask the same of the other men they too respond I AM John, I AM Stephen, each one answering without any shadow of a doubt about who they are as they go about their business of expressing that kindness into the world through living a kind of life they choose, in their own unique, kind of way.

Blessings Marie 😍

Prepare For The Best – Even Amidst A Crisis

As we take the necessary precautions during course of the Coronavirus, pandemic, it is important to remember to remain open to all possibilities and to prepare for the best.

Many people will venture down the path of fear in their mind and will arrive at the worse possible scenario of lack and loss. And this is perfectly okay, so long as we don’t get stuck there!

Remember, this is not a time to give up on your dreams and goals but time to strengthen them. Often, a crisis of some description arises right before the break through. See this through til the end because as big as it may seem right now, as it passes through, Life will bring our dreams into reality.

Together we can regain a life of plenty

It’s important to take yourself down a path and explore a far better life beyond fear and the crisis. There are many lessons to learn, changes to be made, and challenges to overcome, but on the other side lies a world of plenty.

Prepare for the best – Even amidst a crisis
Change provides new possibilities

There is no doubt about it, what we prepare for will eventuate. As we accept both the worse and the best possibilities, we get to choose which one we prepare for.

Don’t get caught up in the doom and gloom. Separate your self from that line of thinking and deliver some good self-talk that will raise your consciousness. This will allow you to paint a picture of goodness, coming out of the crisis. And remember, the ripples of your imagining will positively influence those around you, near and far.

As we are willing, we will accept the worse and shift our focus to preparing for the best possible outcome. In doing so we will, individually and collectively make a significant difference to the unfolding throughout our world over the days, months and years to come.

Remember, prepare for the best, you never know what’s around the corner.

Many blessings Marie 😍

Fear or the COVID-19 – What’s more contagious

As I sat back and observed what was happening around me, I had to ask myself “What’s more contagious, Fear or the COVID-19 virus?’ This virus will pass, but unless we learn from it the fear epidemic will continue to pose an even bigger ongoing threat. Think about it.

What comes first the virus or the fear?

Fear brings about more stress and tension. It lowers the immune system and raises our chances of getting the virus and many other diseases. Fear creates havoc where ever we go. There is no external ongoing vaccination for fear.


Will you choose fear or faith?

Situations like this allow us to exam what drives our life, faith or fear. They don’t ‘make’ us afraid, they reveal what’s inside and we get to choose who we put in the driver’s seat, faith or fear. It reveals what’s inside and the emotions and behaviours that arise from either fear or faith. We may not be able to control the virus but we can control our attitude on a moment by moment basis. These types of global events can bring out the best or the worse in us. Ether way it is an opportunity for us to change the way we think because our thinking, whether fear or faith, as well as our actions create a ripple effect around us. What ripples do you want to send out?

Change your mind and change your life

If we look through the eyes of fear we are likely to see doom and gloom. As we shift our perception and look through the eyes of faith we will see a world of love and light, regardless of the circumstances, and this is the messasge you send out into the world.

It’s your choice

The million dollar question is ‘Will you let fear run your life? Or will you go within and turn on the tap and let the all-powerful natural spiritual aspect of faith overcome the fear? This simple solution is free, and much easier to access and use than you might think.

Faith puts an end to the Inner war and the outer panic attacks

Today in a coffee shop, tables were being rearranged in accordance with the social distance regulations. One person described the place as a war zone. There is no war out there, only within ourselves. Yes, we have to keep our social and physical distance from others. However, as we stay in touch with our personal spiritual faith and let that flow, we will put a stop to the fearful war on the inside and the panic attacks on the outside. And we will be able to better support others.


Remember, what is happening out there will pass.

When something like this happens we, as individuals need to take responsibility for our actions or non-actions, and what we are passing on to others.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I a part of the problem, or am I a part of the solution?
  • Am I buying into the fear and am I passing it on?
  • What would love do?

This is what you can do:

  • Choose to live in faith (refuse to buy into the fear or to pass it on)
  • Create an epidemic of faith and watch it grow and flow
  • Become contagious with love and kindness and transmit it as far wide as possible
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Fear or COVID-19 – What’s more contagious?


Every day in every way I am safe and well protected

Every day in every way I am well provided for

Every day in every way I am loved completely and deeply

Now, if you knew that to be true, how much easier would your day to day life be?

Blessings Marie 😍

I Think With My Heart

I think with my heart were powerful words spoken to me by a young woman with Downs Syndrome. Carolyin’s declaration left it’s mark on my world many years ago, and remains one of the most precious and well-used gifts today.

The lessons we learn and the people we learn from

“My daughter has Downs Syndrome, can you help her? She thinks she has a spirit inside her,” he said. Both parents were deeply stressed, not knowing how to handle their daughter’s intellectual difficulty, or her desire to be like other normal young women. Although I had no experience in this area, I promised to do my best.

Carolyn was an animated young teenager with a vivacious smile. It took time to be able to understand her distorted speech, and I questioned how I could possibly support this young woman. As I let go of my intellect and relaxed, I became inspired.

I AM works no matter what

I wrote out an affirmation ‘I AM Love’ on a piece of A4 paper and I spoke it out clearly. I repeated the exercise and asked Carolyn to do it with me. Together we wrote ‘I AM Love’ and spoke it out together. We continued this exercise writing out different affirmations like ‘I AM Beautiful’, ‘I AM Kind’, ‘I AM Joy’, each time sounding them out energetically.

Out of the blue, Carolyn stopped, looked me straight in the eye, thumped her chest and declared loudly and passionately, ‘I AM Heart’, ‘I think with my heart’. I not only heard her message with my ears, I felt it in my heart. At the end of the session, I left Carolyn with a pile of ‘I AM’ affirmations and suggested she write some out so we could look at them at our next session.

I AM the words and works of your Godly Self

As I greeted this extraordinary, young woman the following week, she excitedly showed me the collection of ‘I AM’ affirmations she had written over and over, and over again. Throughout our second session, many times Carolyn persevered through frustration until she was able to clearly and confidently write and passionately speak these wonderful things about herself. Here was the proof in the pudding. This young woman was demonstrating the words and works of her Godly Self, which were being expressed through her heart, not from her intellect. The experience was Divine. I was deeply humbled.

Carolyn didn’t see herself different. From her perspective, she saw her self as as the same, with he same normal desires as other young women her age. This was proof for me that when we are willing to see beyond the so-called disability we see the heart and spirit of the person looking back at us.

I think with my Heart – What a precious lesson

When we get to the heart of the matter we all carry the same precious gift

My time with Carolyn was short-lived, but holds lasting memories. When I left, I prayed for another teacher to come along to help her to express more of her spirited self. Later I wondered whether she came into my life as my gifted teacher? I think with my heart, became a powerful and precious affirmation for me, and remains a constant reminder that when we get to the heart of the matter, we really are all the same.

I AM Beyond logic

Even today, when I get caught up in the chaos of the mind, I remember Carolyn’s words, ‘I think with my heart’ and I smile, allowing my focus to drop down into my heart. From this blessed perspective, I am able to think, hear and see beyond the challenges to what’\s possible.

Don’t take my word for it, take the words of Carolyn and THINK WITH YOUR HEART.

Blessings Marie 😍

Let’s Pray for Unity between Homosexuality & Spirituality

Homosexuality and Spirituality, can they really coexist? Yes of course they can because Who we are has nothing to do with our sexual preferences or personal genders. We are so much more than that. So, Let’s pray for unity between homosexuality and Spirituality, shall we?

Same sex marriages

Homosexuality raised it’s head again last year when the law for same sex marriage was passed. This has caused a split within the Christian religion. Some sectors agree to marry. Others won’t marry but will refer men and women to another church. Many are still totally against it, and even condemn it.

I can understand the concerns of many parents, and mature adults as they watch our youth go through the struggle with their sexuality, drug addictions, mental health issues and suicide. It certainly does look as if many of our youth have lost their way. › entry › after-gay-rights-gay-spir_b_12724066 After Gay Rights, Gay Spirituality | HuffPost

Oct 31, 2016 – By Deepak Chopra, MD. It’s taken decades for gay activists to achieve the most basic right that every minority deserves: equality under the law.

Finding their own way

What if these young people (and older for that matter) have to lose their way to find a way that works for them. What if the programming they receive at an early age is robbing them of the freedom to discover who they are for them selves?

Overcoming the judgements

This means we need to stop asking for our kids to change. Stop asking our kids to be saved. Instead, we adults need to ask for help to stop projecting our private agenda, our personal and collective beliefs and fears upon them. Sease praying for our homosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender kids to be healed. Instead pray for them to overcome the judgements imposed upon them.

Freedom from old-age programming

We need to pray for our young to become free of the ancestral hand-me-downs and the influences surrounding them. Let them choose to build a relationship (or not) with God, in their own unique way. Let’s pray that they find the freedom to live as they choose. If we want to help our kids we have to bring the roots that drive drug addiction, mental illness and suicide into the light to be resolved and dissolved. Through faith, we give our kids a better chance to grow free of drugs and bugs, and to enjoy more of the sweet fruits of life.

We need to teach our kids how to think, not what to think. Instead of praying for what we want for them, why wouldn’t we listen to what is important for them. As we allow them tap into their own heart, they will be better and more genuinely influenced. Let’s take a lesson from our children because they don’t judge their little friends – not until we teach them. Don’t we need to pray for the judgers, to let go of what they want and what they think is right, and allow God to guide our young independently of us?

Let’s pray for unity
between homosexuality and spirituality

Looking through the eyes of faith instead of fear

Offer prayers for all those doing the judging and rejecting to be saved from them self, to be healed and forgiven? I ask for them to be freed from the constricts of their own minds I pray that we are all able to see our kids and their situation in a new light. Let’s work together to look through the light of love and faith instead of fear.

Let’s pray for unity between homosxuality and Spirituality. As we pray and give thanks for the freedom of our youth today (from a place of faith instead of fear), we too become free and the war is over.

Isn’t this what Jesus would do?

Blessings Marie 😍

I AM, the way to wellness

I AM, is the way to wellness. It is of no matter what label you give the illness or condition, or what name you give to this Spiritual Being. All that matters is that you call upon this ONE spiritual cure to overcome the man-made curse of fear. Fear is at the root of all mental and emotional ill-health. When fear takes up residence in the body it presents us with an array of symptoms and matter. Our doctors will happily give us labels to make us feel better. We then go about fighting against these ‘messages,’ disguised as disease, leaving us even more sick and tired, and the real cause still kicking and screaming.

I AM, A Spiritual Approach to Wellness

Give up the Fight

When we put love back into the driver’s seat, we put an end to the fight against all of these global diseases, conditions and syndromes that are crippling man’s kindness.

I wonder what would happen if we spent a fraction of the money the government uses to ‘fight’ against such disorders to teach our community the art of restoring a healthy self-loving and peaceful identity?

Tuning into the real Solution

When we give up the fearful fight against what-ever we think is wrong with us and we are willing to do that “surrender’ thing we allow this real unconditional love to overcome us from the inside-out. With fear out of the way we become more intuitive or in-tune with our love-filled needs. We can better decide if and what external mediation or medication is required to complete the restoration of well-being from a place of one-self love. Remember your answers are in your awareness. Be aware that your intuitive assistance or messages can come heavenly and heavily disguised as a person, book, video, a poem, and from all sorts of places. › how-fear-helped-me-find-my-voice

Was it a curse or the cure?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was the opening for me to see I had let the curse of fear into the driver’s seat of my life. I was haunted and driving myself nuts by the fearful perception I held about God, Love and myself.

My journey became one of raising faith and lowering fear until faith became stronger and fear was no longer. It meant making that powerful decision over and over again until ‘It’ stuck and the fear became unstuck. Only when I could see myself, God and Love standing in the one light was ‘I’ finally freed from the prison of my mind. This allowed a joyful life to flow through me again without restrictions or limitations.

Think again, I AM 😍

Restoring Faith in Hu-manity

Restoring Fatih in Hu-manity means bridging the gap between Hu ‘and’ man so that indvidually and collectively we work together for the Good of the whole

Restoring Faith in Hu-manity

I look at it this way, Humanity is made up of Hu which means God or the love of God. All Man is the manifestation of God or Spirit (or whatever name you choose to give this invisible self) which makes us all Hu-man and one of a kind in love. Without Hu we go our spearate ways into life, only half the man or woman we can truly be.

When we disconnect from Hu, we break the communion with ourselves and each other. We become lost, and left longing for something we can’t quite put our finger on. Hu is the common thread that keeps us all together as Human Beings, and maintains a sense of belonging in a humane world.

When you surrender your little will to your higher will, you come home to being Hu-man

Keep in mind that we are bridging the gap with Hu ‘and’ Man, and this is about raising faith and lowering fear until faith is stronger ‘and’ no longer exists. Now, as two wills become one, we will find every other decision we make flows from this one loving decision, giving us the best chance to flower, bloom and flourish safely and naturally.

Hu is a part of you, not apart from you

Hu is the driving and thriving force in every ‘body.’ It’s only a matter of what we want to achieve. Will we use ‘It’ to force our will upon others or will we use ‘It’ to raise ourself and others up (in faith) above and beyond the little will so together we can see for ourselves the love of ‘humanity’ and become a part of that oneness instead or remaining separate, alone and at disease.

Hu is the intervention of all disease

When you look through the eyes of man alone you will see the imperfection and the disturbance in the world around you because you are looking from a disturbed mental plane. All mental disturbances (fear) are of man’s making alone. Disturbances of all kinds come from a separation from the Hu’s heavenly peaceful mind which makes up our Humanness. No body can escape it. Without the higher consciousness of Hu we lose the self-love, the faith and the one-ness and we sit in a lowly mind that is, fearful, frustrated, conflicted and very much alone.

Hu is of no matter, so it is of no matter what we call ‘It’. All that really matters is that when we recall and recover the essence of our true self, we give our self the best chance to recover from mental disturbance, and from un-wellness (whatever form that might look like), and we recall true well-being. NOw, as we get to look thorugh the eyes of Hu, we see the perfection in everything because we are looking through the eyes of Heaven, which is peace.

Restoring Humanity Youth Project – Institute for Healing of … › programmes.html
Restoring Humanity is a youth development programme that brings together young people from diverse communities. They come together to learn from each..

‘I AM’ the Highest non-form of Communicaiton

Remember that Hu represents “I AM”, the highest non-from of communication available to man kind, and when integrated overcomes and becomes the highest form of communication available through man’s kindness. Unlike fear, which is about conforming, Hu is our natural spiritual love and is very real. Hu is about being free and transforming so we can experience a real sense of self and a real sense of belonging. As we reconnect, and integrate Heaven and earth, Hu and man, we will no longer react from fear but will enjoy inspired action, which comes from the loving prompts of our inner spirit. We will no longer feel alone. Instead, we will recall what we have been longing for: a real sense of belonging and we will savour the real experience of well-being and oneness.

Restoring Faith in Hu-manity needs your help. Please lend your heart

Thank Hu Marie 😍

Stress, the cause & the solution

Understanding stress, the cause & the solution is here right under your nose. It’s an inside job!

The main cause of stress and tension is found in recognising what drives it. By locating the real problem we can take fear out of the drivers seat and replace it with faith. As soon as faith is recovered, you will recognise it as your natural ability to trust your self. Faith doesn’t just belong to religion, it belongs to everyone as a real sense of self and belonging. By recovering Faith at the onset of stress and tension, we will prevent chronic anxiety and other fear driven illnesses.

Stress becomes a way of life

Stress and tension have become a way of Life. It’s like an addiction to many people. They don’t feel at home without it. I could handle the tension from Monday to Friday, but I didn’t know how to handle my weekends without stress! I would often spend my Saturday morning with a migraine! It was like a detox! Why was that?

Stress, the cause & the solution

The problem is never the real problem

What makes us so tense and stressed in our mind -body system? Is it our way of protecting our self? Do we try to protect ourselves from being hurt? What hurts the most? It could be an array of things, including failing, being exposed, being robbed, being abused, being fired, having to make dead lines, having to live up to expectations, not being good enough, being rejected, what people think? The list goes on.

Softening your heart

Keeping our guard up all of the time in an attempt to defend our self from the possible emotional upheaval, leaves us very tense and stressed. WE keep the so-called good, bad and the ugly emotions become blocked. It’s like blocking or constricting the arteries. As we hold on tightly, we harden, making it harder for us to attain that which we truly desire. Our real desires, which are driven by love can only be enjoyed through a softened heart.

Let your defences down

Letting go of your defences means allowing your self to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable IS the way to success in all its glory. When you are willing to confront all that pent-up energy you can let it be in motion. When you let go, and let those blocked emotions be in motion something like a detox takes place. You may not feel good during the process; it can be tough on your mind and body. However, when it is complete, the softening happens, the channels open again and a new life begins to flow.

Love is your natural defence

As all that stress subsides the love continues to flow, grow and overflow, leaving behind anything which is not of its self. This is freedom This is who you really are, the real deal.

Love attracts love

With love, comes joy, pleasure, Faith, prosperity, compassion, passion, kindness, understanding, acceptance, honesty and other virtues become an expression of life. This is ‘raw’ love, and real life working its way out as one. It has nothing to do with anything or anyone else. Love is an inside job, exposing more of who you are, which before you were possibley scared of. Now, you attract to you that which you are alike.

This powerful passage is often attributed to Nelson Mandela. It actually originated from the book A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson (1992). A wonderful book which I highly recommend. I wonder how many of us really suffer with this contradicting syndrome.

A Return to Love

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a Child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others’

Stress, the cause & the solution

Meaning and purpose

What you do with this love and life, or this life of love is entirely up to you. With a new sense of self belief, you will better see those things you have already achieved and be able to pat your self on the back. You will now see those things, which before seemed impossible, become possible. It is possible that your journey, direction and destination will change dramatically. Why? Life will take on a brand new meaning and purpose when byou are guided by this higher and lighter energy.

Stress, the cause & the solution is here now …

The question is: “Will you let go long enough for that tension to ease and for a new and easier way to be shown?”

Marie 😍

Greta Thunberg proves age is no barrier

When it comes to leading the way, Greta Thunberg proves age is no barrier It was so refreshing to see a young woman stamping her authority on the need for climate change. She is as great example of what is possible when we listen and act.

Climate warming – means time for change

Change doesn’t begin with the Government, it begins by challenging the Government

We always knew that change wouldn’t come from our governments, but from everyday people with a passion and the courage to stand against the government. I don’t think we ever thought our kids would make such an impact as they are today.

Our young people have a voice and they are demanding to be heard.

Our youth are not our future, they are here NOW to instigate the necessary changes to ensure there is a future to look forward to

Our young men and women are looking for equality, and it’s time for us to give it them. It’s time to stop telling them what to do. Let’s stop, and listen to what they are trying to tell us. We adults need to stop projecting our fears and our hand-me-downs beliefs and values onto our kids and allow them to think for themselves. We need to put our trust and faith in them to show us another way.

Our young people are offering us a loud message for change

I see the problems our children present today offer a loud message of time for change. Instead of wanting to fix them or us wanting them to change, I think we adults need to shift our perception and see them and our world differently. We need help them to nurture and develop those natural seeds that make up their unique self and to support them to express that which they believe in.

Our youth hold the solution to healing the internal and the external environment

I am confident that our youth hold the solution to recovering the natural healthy resources to overcome a depressed and anxious internal environment which is crippling families around the world, as well as overcoming the depletion of natural resources which is crippling our external environment.

Climate change is a choice

Our youth are our teachers, we their students

Our youth are our teachers, if we let them. As we are willing, we become a student to a new wave of proactive leaders who are willing to show us the way to make the necessary changes in our own life, which will have a direct and positive affect on others and our external environment.

Our kids are our real heroes

I believe our kids are our real heroes, assigned to inspire us all to realign with man’s kindness again. Surely as we treat our selves, others and our environment in a healthy way, we will restore humanity.

I am with love and respect for our young people

Marie 😍

No Regrets, Ever

No regrets, ever. This is my promise to myself.

It took a long time for me to see that I was sitting in a quagmire of regret. This state of mind was interfering with manifesting my future. How long have you been living with regrets? They are only robbing you of a peaceful present and a better future. Therefore, it’s time to let them go.

Wishing things could have been different

Every regret is a judgement. A wish that something could have been different. Having regrets means we are holding grief, guilt, disappointment and other emotions which keep us trapped. Regret kills the life we could be living now. I can see clearly now, wishing things could have been different only held fast the pain of what was, and what I thought might have been. I heard myself often starting a sentence with I wish I hadn’t …. or I wish I had ..

Regret > Acceptance >Manifestation

Even though I knew I couldn’t do anything about my past, those regrets, mistakes and judgements played on my mind. In the end I had to put a stop to it. I looked back one last time and acknowledged and expressed how I felt about those unfulfilled wishes. Finally, I accepted fully and without judgement that I couldn’t do anything about it. What was, was, what is, is. and what will be is up to me. When I let go of those past unfulfilled wishes, I fully embraced the wishes or intentions already in place for my future. Without those old blockages, those intentions were set in motion, able to be fulfilled in my present reality. And they have, and they are. Now, all these years later, those old regrets have regressed and have become like old worn out pages from a book of a past life.

Life’s tool box

I came to accept that nothing could have been any different, because of what I then knew, and the programming I was running. It is only in growing in mind, body and spirit that I recovered and developed those ‘tools’ I needed. Looking back, I can now accept I didn’t have those tools available to me at that given time. What I mean by this, is they may have been in my ‘tool box’, but the tool box was unconsciously locked. At that particular time they were out of sight and out of mind. It’s easy to look back in hind sight and say I could have or I should have. In truth, I couldn’t have done anything different. Those all important tools, which make up the powerful foundations of a good or godly life were no where to be found.

Mistakes or Feedback?

I can see clearly now, some of those old decisions I wished I hadn’t made, led me to achieving the things I was looking for, but in a much different way. No regrets, ever.

That’s why now, every day I wipe clean the slate. Or I bathe my mind in the Godly juices of Divine love. This means that each day begins anew, afresh in the present. With this presence of mind, the future dreams and goals are presented in the here and now as my reality with … No regrets, ever.

A best selling book, The top five Regrets of the dying is amn important reminder. › blog › regrets-of-the-dying

Reaching our Kids

This is why I am so passionate about reaching our kids at an early age. I am determined for them to access and develop those natural and spiritual foundations so they can be free of regret down the track.

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No Regrets, Ever … Only Love

If we don’t reach our kids this way, we will continue to see them develop bad habits of fear and be driven by negative fearful programs. We owe it to our kids to show them the ‘power’ they already have within which allows them to be and to do all they choose. Our job is to help our kids trust in who they are , and who they are is enough. If they don’t develop self trust or faith in who they are, they will drive themselves to do more to have more in an attempt to Be more. It doesn’t work.

The Foundations of Youth

When we tap inside we recover the foundations of who we are. Divine Love, Faith, Trust, compassion, passion, confidence, knowledge, Inspiration, peace, integrity, spiritual intelligence, balance, respect, kindness and much more.

No Name

It doesn’t matter what we call this Spiriutal essence. Often, it’s the name we give it that separates us from all we are which is our Good or Godly Self. This is why many Spiritual teachers past and present, refer to it as Oneness because when we accept this natural essence as our one and only powerful loving self, we have the foundations in place for a fulfilled life.

Recovering a Good Sense of Self

I am convinced we need to incorporate this as an integral part of our school curriculum. Once our kids have a good sense of self, challenges in life can be met with a good attitude, and things that once seemed impossible, will become possible

Marie, with no regrets … ever 😍