Are your Beliefs empowering or limiting you?

Are your beliefs empowering or limiting you?

You will find in most of my blogs and conversations, that I keep coming back to our beliefs. At the end of each day we live and work through our man-made beliefs. When we understand this, and we identify those limiting beliefs, we choose again.

Follow your dreams

I watched a movie recently called The Chaperone. Set in the 1920’s., Louise is a rebellious 15-year-old schoolgirl who dreams of fame and fortune. Her chance arrived when she is chosen to travel from Kansas to New York to study with a leading dance troupe for the summer. She was accompanied by an elder and watchful chaperone, Norma.

Norma married into an upper class family. Woman of her status wore those very uncomfortable corsets, pulled tight and clipped up at the back. Each time the corset came off Norma breathes a huge sigh of relief.

The scars left by our beliefs

Norma is stuck in her ways and living a limited life. On the other hand, Louise is eagerly looking for more freedom. Often her behaviour is judged outrageous. Louise challenges Norma when she notices the deep marks left behind from the tightness of the corset, and from the hooks. An interesting journey takes place with these two opposites.

Changing those beliefs and stepping out in Faith

The summer is over, and Norma packs her bags ready to returen to a life in Kansas. Louise looks on as Norma hesitates then deliberately leaves the corsets to one side. They go their separate ways and Louise goes on to become famous through inpiring change for women for thousands of young women.

Leaving those beliefs behind, for Good

Twenty years later, Norma heard of Louise’s surprise return to Kansas. Norma was even more surprised to find Louise financially broke, and looked and sounded like a broken and failed woman. Norma convinced Louise to return to New York to continue to inspire other young people and to seek the change they were looking for. She gave Louise one hundred dollars, and told her to leave the little town in Kansas which she had out-grown and go back to the modern New York because that is where she now belonged. When Norma was leaving the room, Louise asked her if she had, ever returned to wearing her corsets again. Norma’s reply was never.

Are your beliefs past their use-by-date?

I love this as I see it as a metaphor for Life. Many of you are still wearing old fashioned and outdated beliefs that are far too tight, and creating a lot of tension and disharmony. These tightly held beliefs leave no room for something new to come in. Many of these beliefs were passed down for generations, are well past their use by date, and restricting us from living the life we truly want and deserve. Like these woman, there comes a time when enough is enough, and we see we have choices. We can shed those small beliefs, raise our self up, and follow our dreams.

Remembering Wayne Dyer

The late Wayne Dyer who was an amazing man wrote many successful books on the power of our beliefs and intentions, including You’ll See It When You Believe It › you-ll-see-it-when-you-believe-it- His memory lives on through his work.

Stepping out of belief into Faith

Only when we give our self permission to seek a life, that better fits, can the transition out of the old begin. As we are willing, we faithfully begin to focus on those highly regarded dreams and goals. As we do we are better able to let go of a lesser, painful conditioned way of life which no longer serves us. In return we get to breathe easier again, allowing our self to be led to into a new and lighter way of life.

Are your beliefs empowering or limiting you
Faith is higher, mightier and natural

When an opportunity to travel to Antarctica came up, my reaction was NO because it was something I believed was a long way out of my financial budget. The decision had to be made immediately, because it was a special deal. They were looking for people to fill this 21 day expedition to set off within 6 weeks. It was impossible!

Within a few hours, I went from a place of NO to YES; from impossible to I’m going. Those old outdated beliefs and fears slipped away long enough for me to make the booking and secure our cabin. During the next few weeks the way was shown. It was like a miracle! I fell in love with Antarctica.

Are your beliefs empowering or limiting you?

Take a risk,

Blessings Marie 😍

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