Are Faith & Belief the same?

The short answer is NO. Faith and Belief are not the same.

Faith is active and belief is passive

Many years ago I was away from home and found my self in a difficult financial situation. To make matters and the stress worse, I found a large lump in my breast.

As much as I disliked the idea of going to the doctors I couldn’t come up with an other answer. After an ultra sound the doctors decided to do a simple pin prick to what they said was cyst. it was an easy and painless process they said, and from my prior experience I was confident in what they said. However, as the needle went into the cyst I screamed out in horrendous pain. They completed the procedure but it was another couple of days before I could touch my breast again, only to find the lump hadn’t changed. My attitude slumped and although I felt low I used prayer and the I AM affirmations to see me through the mental and emotional pain.


Within a couple of days my spirits rose and I was able to take the next step which led me to making an appointment with the specialist/surgeon. Each day I continued to pray and to use the I AM Affirmations to keep my self-talk promising, my spirits up, and to remind myself I wasn’t alone and that I was being taken care of in all ways. I had faith that would be gone by the time my appointment day arrived. Each morning I checked and I was surprised to find the lump still there and not even changed.

It was still there on my way out of the house on the morning of my appointment. As I was leaving, I noticed an open newspaper with a message that lit up like a neon sign:

Faith and Belief are different. Faith is active and belief is passive’

I didn’t get this logically, but I knew that somehow this message had registered in my heart. Off I went to the specialist still scratching my head. Less than an hour later the doctor couldn’t find any sign of a lump. At first I thought he must be mad, how could he miss it? When I checked it myself, he was right there was nothing to be felt or found. Following the doctor’s suggestion, I made another appointment for an ultra sound. I wasn’t sure if I really needed it or not but some how I knew the answer would come. The day before the appointment I rang still not sure if I would cancel or confirm the appointment. When the receptionist answered my call I mentioned my name and that I was inquiring about my appointment due tomorrow. She informed me I had missed my appointment as it was yesterday!

This time, I answered the call to ‘go home’ and as soon as I said yes, the way was shown and the money I needed showed up.

So I look at it this way. Our beliefs are man-made, formed from the outside-in. Some are learned, many are created from experiences through out life and many more passed on through multiple generations. Although they may be true for the person holding them, they are not necessarily true for those who inherit them. In time those beliefs may change according to our personal will and the will of the collective. People can believe in us and we can believe in our self but these beliefs are still limited and may never lead to action. It takes Faith to see if what we believe in works, right? Regardless of the level of our self-belief we still need to take a step or sometimes a leap of Faith.

I love this quote which someone shared a long time ago.

Fear knocked on the door and when faith answered there was no one there’

Faith is our natural Higher Self Belief

Many people think Faith is tied to a religion (and it can be) however it is not exclusive, it is inclusive. It is Universal, Spiritual, yet a personal resource available for everyone seeking to find something more within themselves and to do something beyond their current circumstances and often beyond how others may see them. Sometimes we need faith to get out of our comfort zone, and at times to let go of the control we think we have on our life (and on the lives of others). Unlike belief, Faith works from the inside out, It is always here, consistent, never changing and actively moving, directing us and protecting us, in a unique way for each and every one of us. It is our natural real higher sense of Self and Self-Belief. Belief can get us to the point of change, of moving forward, or ready to deliver those ideas into the world. This is often where we get stuck. How many great ideas are there still locked away in people’s minds? How many dreams and desires are still locked away in the hearts of people because of the fear of taking that next step?

If belief is our word, then faith is our works

It took me a long time to realise that Faith isn’t the absence of fear. It’s about feeling the fear and doing it any way. If belief is our word then faith is our works. As we call upon Faith we take that step or take that action which overcomes and dissolves the fear.

Thank you I AM Faith


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