Who I am!

I am a life explorer. The biggest adventure of all came from exploring the power or attitude of  faith  to overcome fears on the mental, emotional and spiritual plain.  What an adventure it has been! 

Now, I am 65 years young.  I live on the Gold Coast by the beach and love it. I climb aboard my 2-wheel push scooter each day and I go as fast as I can on a 5 km round trip as a part of my keep fit, having fun program. I spend a lot of time walking on the beach, body surfing, sitting on the dunes with a coffee and meditating, reflecting and receiving insights. This is nature at its best, my peace of heaven and gives me a delicious sense of freedom. 

Cravings and Aversions

When I think about holidaying I crave for the polarities, the cooler climates, Antarctica (as you can see above), Alaska, Greenland, the North Pole etc. This both excites me and fascinates me.


We all live life between the polarities of Black and white, better or worse, giving and receiving, yes and no, right and wrong, good and bad, fear and freedom, through our cravings and aversions. I didn't know until I hit my 40's that my unease came about from a deep-seated craving to be myself. Unbeknownst to me, the fear of what I would find created an aversion, and with that an inner tug-of -war followed me where ever I went.

The inner tug-of-war      

For most of my life I was going out there, trying hard, and striving, doing more and more to achieve more, to be better, forever changing to please others so I could feel good about myself, and to feel good enough in the eyes of family, friends and society so I could fit in. My idea of success was based on what one could be seen to be doing. I was constantly trying to prove and improve myself. No wonder I was driving myself crazy. With one hand, I wanted to be different and shine and with the other I wanted to be the same and fit in. The game of fear and freedom was being played out in my mind and life. In the end, this inner conflict turned into a self-imposed full-blown war and I ended up getting very sick and tired. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome woke me up to shedding those layers of fear and was he launching pad to becoming myself.

Finding myself meant remembering my true nature

I had no idea when that thought 'I'm going to find myself' came through, that giving up trying so hard to become someone, and becoming comfortable in my own skin, being whom I am would be my healing. I can see clearly now the only thing that stood between me and my real nature was my conditioning. I separated myself from the essence of who I am with those false, fearful, not good enough beliefs I held about myself, God and love. I didn't consciously know then that the decision to 'do whatever it took' to heal my life would lead to a spiritual unfolding and a remembering of who I am? When I separated God from my religious beliefs,  I could better accept the love of God as the one wholesome essence of whom I am.  

Faith is an attitude

This real Life presence became the foundations and the guidance allowing me to express a simple unique life that has become more than enough. It took a lot of unfolding but now I accept Faith as an integral and natural attitudinal part of my holistic healing, the prevention and intervention of mental illness, and the key ingredient that is often missing in our efforts to regain holistic (mind, body spirit) well-being.

Now, after twenty-five years my purpose still makes my heart sing. I continue to explore and to share my soul’s journey through inspirational talks, my writing, articles and blogs, through this community site and the pages of my books 'I AM … from fear to FREEDOM', and more recently 'I AM A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health.

I spent a lot of my life with those uncomfortable niggling nervous feelings inside because of the fearful beliefs I held about God, the meaning of faith and what that would mean for me if I got involved. What would my family and friends think?

My reason for coming right out of the spiritual closet now, is to share my experiences without restrictions so that others like me don't have to spend a life time fighting their inner demons (I now understand as fear) in an effort to be in control and to become someone more.

I discovered the more I surrender to spirituality being the loving and faithful connection of my mind-body system the better equipped I am to ease myself of the mental tug-of-war and associated illnesses.

As I continue to remember faith as my core essence and the foundations of Life,  I can better relax and simply be who I am, without worrying whether it is enough or not. I can be happy now, not when I. It is from this stress-free state of mind that I am inspired to take faithful action, now doing things which before I didn't think possible.

My journey to "I AM"

Testimonials from my readers...


"I love the way Marie invites me into what feels like a two way conversation. Her sharing through the book I AM A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health brings home some deep insights, and throws a new light onto the meaning of spirituality and faith, Love it - thanks Marie" - Wendy

"I am a mental health case worker and after reading Marie's book, I found myself spontaneously sharing some of the valuable insights with my clients. I quickly passed it onto my teenage son as a way for him to gain his own learnings.

I appreciate the courage it took for Marie to let me into her personal life to show me there really is a fine line between fear and freedom. This makes anxiety less scary and freedom a real possibility.   Thank you Marie"

I AM A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health reinforces how the power of faith belongs naturally in our day to day life and the important role it plays in the lives of carers, parents & teachers to keep our kids safe and well." - Lynn