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Faith Is A Powerful Medicinal Compound

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Faith is a Powerful Medicinal Compound

Faith is a powerful medical compound. Working in a clinic which provided conventional and alternative treatments for cancer patients opened my eyes to the importance of faith in living, dying and recovery. Unfortunately many of the men and women came as a last desperate call for help. And for some, all I could do was to help them find some peace.

Taking medication while stressed

I watched the anxiety rise rapidly as patients juggled huge amounts of medications, stressing as they endeavoured to get the right dose, at the right time, in the right order. This alone posed many questions. How much does the fear interfere with the effectiveness of the medication? How does the nervous system react to the medication when taken with large doses of fear? Surely they would have a much better chance of responding positively when the stress is removed from the mind body system?

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Faith is a Powerful Medicinal Compound

It’s time to combine Faith with Tradtional Medicine

What if faith is the natural intervention we have been missing? We know that standing strong in faith weakens fear. It raises our energy, helps us all to feel better about ourselves and improves general well-being, regardless of the circumstances. What if recovery is possible by combining the natural medicinal compound of faith with conventional medicine? Isn’t it possible that as we raise faith and lower fear, we could also reduce the medication?

Uncovering the family beliefs

I discovered the importance of working with the patient and their family on an emotional and spiritual level before they begin to make important plans and decisions about the treatment. Uncovering any fears and beliefs the client, their families or support team have about cancer is critical. Creating a team driven by faith ensures that everyone becomes a part of the solution and recovery, working together for the good of the patient. I love the quote ‘There is no way to peace, peace is the way” This means that finding peace with ‘what is’ allows the whole team to openly explore, and more confidently choose possible treatments.

Having crucial conversations at the point of Diagnosis

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Faith is a powerful medicinal compound

Cancer and other stress-related illnesses are often our wake-up call to return home to Self-love. Having in depth conversations with cancer patients at the point of diagnosis and prognosis is crucial. They can uncover long held fears and limiting beliefs which in turn can expose the root of the problem. By treating the real problem from the onset, the cancer has a much better chance of retreating. If we don’t pay attention, those systematic ‘messages’ will continue to come back, slowing down the journey ‘home’.

Teaching the art of Self-Love

In spite of millions of dollars being poured in researching a cure for cancer the disease continues to grow rapidly, world-wide. I wonder what would happen if we spent a fraction of that government money to teach our young community the art of developing and sustaining a healthy, self-loving and worthy identity. When we put faith back in the driver’s seat, we will more easily put an end to the fight, not only against cancer but against an array of diseases, conditions and syndromes that are crippling man’s kindness.

I AM, the way to wellness

Blessings Marie 😍