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Restoring Faith in Hu-manity

Restoring Fatih in Hu-manity means bridging the gap between Hu ‘and’ man so that indvidually and collectively we work together for the Good of the whole

Restoring Faith in Hu-manity

I look at it this way, Humanity is made up of Hu which means God or the love of God. All Man is the manifestation of God or Spirit (or whatever name you choose to give this invisible self) which makes us all Hu-man and one of a kind in love. Without Hu we go our spearate ways into life, only half the man or woman we can truly be.

When we disconnect from Hu, we break the communion with ourselves and each other. We become lost, and left longing for something we can’t quite put our finger on. Hu is the common thread that keeps us all together as Human Beings, and maintains a sense of belonging in a humane world.

When you surrender your little will to your higher will, you come home to being Hu-man

Keep in mind that we are bridging the gap with Hu
‘and’ Man, and this is about raising faith and lowering fear
until faith is stronger ‘and’ no longer exists. Now, as two wills
become one, we will find every other decision we make flows from this
one loving decision, giving us the best chance to flower, bloom and
flourish safely and naturally.

Hu is a part of you, not apart from you

Hu is the driving and thriving force in every ‘body.’ It’s only a matter of what we want to achieve. Will we use ‘It’ to force our will upon others or will we use ‘It’ to raise ourself and others up (in faith) above and beyond the little will so together we can see for ourselves the love of ‘humanity’ and become a part of that oneness instead or remaining separate, alone and at disease.

Hu is the intervention of all disease

When you look through the eyes of man alone you will see the imperfection and the disturbance in the world around you because you are looking from a disturbed mental plane. All mental disturbances (fear) are of man’s making alone. Disturbances of all kinds come from a separation from the Hu’s heavenly peaceful mind which makes up our Humanness. No body can escape it. Without the higher consciousness of Hu we lose the self-love, the faith and the one-ness and we sit in a lowly mind that is, fearful, frustrated, conflicted and very much alone.

Hu is of no matter, so it is of no matter what we call ‘It’. All that really matters is that when we recall and recover the essence of our true self, we give our self the best chance to recover from mental disturbance, and from un-wellness (whatever form that might look like), and we recall true well-being. NOw, as we get to look thorugh the eyes of Hu, we see the perfection in everything because we are looking through the eyes of Heaven, which is peace.

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‘I AM’ the Highest non-form of Communicaiton

Remember that Hu represents “I AM”, the highest non-from of communication available to man kind, and when integrated overcomes and becomes the highest form of communication available through man’s kindness. Unlike fear, which is about conforming, Hu is our natural spiritual love and is very real. Hu is about being free and transforming so we can experience a real sense of self and a real sense of belonging. As we reconnect, and integrate Heaven and earth, Hu and man, we will no longer react from fear but will enjoy inspired action, which comes from the loving prompts of our inner spirit. We will no longer feel alone. Instead, we will recall what we have been longing for: a real sense of belonging and we will savour the real experience of well-being and oneness.

Restoring Faith in Hu-manity needs your help. Please lend your heart

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