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Disabling Anxiety and Depression

We hear how depression and anxiety are constantly disabling our families. Now, how about we look at disabling anxiety and depression, and be able to live the life we truly want.

Taking back our power

So, what brings about depression and anxiety? Are these illnesses the real illness, or are they the symptoms of something missing in our life? Think about it. What makes us so terrified to leave our home, or for some, terrified to stay at home, alone with themselves? It doesn’t make sense. It’s not logical.

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Disabling anxiety and depression means getting to the root of the problem.

Isn’t it time we stopped looking for a logical answer and look deeper to the root? How do we take back our power, and disable anxiety and depression? Now we know fear is present we can look to see what’s missing, or what we are denying.

The roller-coaster ride

I know what it’s like to be afraid to be who I am, thinking that who I am is not good or Godly enough. I understand what it’s like to compete, to want to be the best, so I could feel good enough. I get what it’s like to feel a gaping hole inside, and trying to fill it with something from the outside world, only to find it quickly becoming empty again. I’ve been on the emotional swings and round- about, as I tried to figure out who I am. I know what it’s like to have untapped potential, trapped inside. I can relate to what it’s like to have something to say, yet unable to speak up for fear of failing, what people might think, and being rejected. And dare I say, even being persecuted.

I’m not alone with these fears. Many people live in fear on a day to day, moment by moment basis. This fear keeps us separated from who we are and from the life we really want. It becomes a lonely way of life, doesn’t it?

I was willing to do what it takes

25 years ago I was sick and doctors told me there was no known cure. And, today they are saying the same thing. As it turned out this became my turning point as I made a decision to heal my life (not the illness) and I was willing to do what ever it took. I had no idea what that would involve or what would evolve from such a commitment.

Uncovering those depressed and anxious beliefs

When I shifted my perception I was able to see that this so-called sickness contained the real problem and, more importantly the real solution I was looking for in life. I found the depressed and anxious belliefs which were driving my life, and driving me nuts. They were present long before chronic fatigue and pain set in.

By shifting my focus from what I perceived to be the probem, I was able to see what was missing. Raising faith and lowering fear became the solution and my holistic healing. Faith became the foundations of my life and my work. I didn’t realise at the time this was also the answer to ‘I’m going to find myself’, a call I put out into the Universe, a few years before.

The Solution is at the heart of the problem

Likewise, I don’t think we need to address the symptoms of dpression or anxiety so much as addressing the ‘beliefs’. Why? Because as soon as we get a diagnosis, and give it a label, we introduce a new problem. The meaning we give depression and anxiety will trigger the judgement and the beliefs we hold about them. This is a crucial time. As we allow those beliefs to come into the light, we are presented with an opportunity to heal much more than the symptoms. By shifting our perception we will begin to see this so-called problem as the solution to a much bigger one.

Fear of Fear

This means addressing those all-important beliefs and nipping them in the bud right before the roots take over, and before the cycle of fear is set in motion. Once that fear is allowed to get out of control and take over we become afraid of fear. We get anxious about getting anxious, and depressed about getting depressed. We become afraid of feeling the pain attached to those beliefs. By nipping those beliefs in the bud we can prevent the ongoing cycle of fear and pain.

Fight or Flight

At the heart of all of us is the natural, inbuilt fight or flight mechanism, which is designed to let us know when we are in danger so we can act – flee or stand and fight. However we lose that real and natural instinct, when we are over-loaded with a false sense of danger, which drives anxiety, and we react in what seems like crazy ways to the average person.

What impresses you most faith or fear?

Most of our impressions stem from our past and we project them into the future. This means we are constantly stepping into history and playing it all over again. So, what’s been impressed upon your mind and what are you projecting into the world you step into, fear or love and faith?

The Stories we tell our self

When we declare ENOUGH, we choose again. Did you know many people couldn’t go into the ocean as a reaction to watching Jaws? An untrue story which impacted people to the point that they decided it could be true. We receive millions of conscious and subliminal messages throughout our life through the media, family, friends, our community, religion, school, work, life’s experiences along with beliefs passed down for many generations. They don’t even belong to us yet, they still have a huge impact on our lives. These memories, stories and beliefs either leave a good impression on our minds or a bad impression. They either help us to remember love or fear, and whether we like it or not, we get to live out our life, driven by those impressions.

Real Security comes from within

Think about all the security measures and insurances we invest in to ‘guarantee’ our safety, the safety of our kids, family, homes, car, our job, our money, investments, our bankcards, our health and the list goes on. And yet, we still see more people dying, being abused, illnesses, disease, homes being violated, car accidents, family break-downs, job losses, collapses of business, financial institutions and governments. And the list goes on and on.

Not Enough Syndrome

Now think about the shoulds and shouldn’ts put upon us, which we take on board, and then we put upon our selves. We desperately try to live by these, in order to be a good girl or a good boy, only to end up feeling that we don’t measure up. The ‘not enough’ and ‘not good enough’ stories have turned into a no good Global message.

Whats Wrong with me?

How many times have you asked yourself, quietly or out loud What’s wrong with me? Have other people ever said to you, What’s wrong with you?, after you have failed to do something or live up to their expectations? How often have you uttered to your self What did I do wrong, or where did I go wrong? The source of these questions come from the beliefs you hold about your self, There must be something wrong with me, or I must have done something wrong. The question is how long have these been running your life?

Fear breeds fear, Love breeds love and faith breeds faith.

With all this fear running our lives how can we possibly live safely in the present regardless of what safety mechanisms we have around us. As we take on board that false sense of fear, we lose touch with that real intrinsic part of us, that knows when we are safe, and will let us know when we are not safe. Real security doesn’t come from the outside world it comes from the inside world, by way of the Spiritual product of Faith. When we take Faith out of religion we can see real faith as the key ingredient which makes up the foundations of our real and natural sense of self. It’s our highest sense of knowing, self trust and self belief. When we lose faith, we stand to lose everything. When are at one with faith and all it stands for we have everything we need to make rightful decisions for our self.

Raising Faith lowers fear, naturally

What if Faith is the missing link to the prevention and the intervention for anxiety and depression, and for other fear driven illnesses? Can you see Faith is your inner road map? Are you ready to allow it to guide you and direct you safely on your journey in life. When you get lost, you can look within and let the power of faith or give faith the power to ease you back on the track of wellness. Finally you can regain that trust which you lost a long time ago. Isn’t it time to make faith your first point of call, instead of your last?

From Depression to Expression

Choosing Faith as your Good and Godly director allows you to find the confidence to step into the lime light and play your Self in this movie called Life. Sure, you will still encounter those road bumps, which will slow you down. In time, as you look in the rear vision mirror, you will find those old impressions and depressions becoming but a shadow in your old life. You will always go through the highs and lows. HOwever, as you continue to give-in to Faith you will never, never give upon your road to Victory.

Begin NOW

I’m not interested in teaching any form or religion. My interest and passion is to inspire every individual, to look inside to find their personal Faith. This can be God, or what ever name one chooses to give it. It can be religious or non religious. The most important message I can give is this: Build that loving relationship with your self, independent of what others may think, and in a way that is right for you.

Do you think that if our kids grew up with a good sense of self that these illnesses we see today would exist? Would there be any depression and anxiety? Isn’t it highly possible that we would see the expression of love, joy, harmony and all it represents?

Disabling anxiety and depression through love

Let’s win this war, not through fighting, but disabling anxiety and depression through loving our self more.

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Thank you Marie