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How Redefining Success Changed my life

Recently, someone asked me what inspired me to success. Before I could answer that question, I had to ask myself what is success. As it turned out, the exercise of redefining success changed my life.

How it used to be

Let me explain. Back in the early 90’s I had, what I thought was success. People looking at my life, my marriage, home, business, personal belongings and life style, certainly thought that we were successful, and happy. However, beyond the mask, I wore a deep sense of insecurity. I was constantly worried about loosing it all. Much later, I could see how my sense of identity, security and success was wrapped up in what one could see and what I was seen to be doing.

Time to find out who I am

Needless to say I lost it all, my marriage, my home, the money and everything I thought related to who I was. This loss turned out, to be an opportunity to rediscover my real identity, and to find real security from the inside-out. I began a new journey of discovering what is real, and what was false. I peeled off many masks, to find the answers to the question, Who am I?

Letting go of old beliefs

Unfortunately, old habits and deep beliefs have a habit of returning. Before long I was looking to find ways to prove that I wasn’t a failure. I wanted to show those people how successful I could be. I’ll show them, just watch me, I thought.

To cut a long story short, when I turned 65 I still had nothing visible to show for my hard work. Many of my dreams were still unfulfilled, and I had failed to make an ongoing substantial income through my business. People looking at my life surely would not see me as successful. As it turned out these were only my beliefs being projected outward, onto those people and seeing them reflected back again. They were clues into how I was thinking about my self. Until that realisation, I grieved my failings and I grieved the life I wanted but didn’t reach.

Seeing through renewed eyes

Finally, the blind fold came off ,and I could see all the successes over a long period of time were right there under my nose. I even had the proof, by way of words of gratitude sent to me. Did I not see these before? I was so busy looking for what I thought was success, and what was missing, that I missed what was already here? There wasn’t much out there to show for life, but there is a lot inside me.

Shifting my perspective

When I finally came to terms with my new-found way of seeing success, the grief healed and a new level of self-appreciation took place. Even though things around me didn’t change for a little while, my perception did. I can better see how redefining success changed my life and brings me more peace, and less stress.

I came to see that my heart’s desires, and my ego’s desires are very different. My hearts’ desires come from my natural spirit self and are based on an inner sense of freedom. My egos desires derived from believing I would only be okay if I could see signs of success in my world. Making money would be the proof that I was good enough, and worthy enough in the eyes of other people. And in my mind, this was freedom.

I delivered the desires of my heart

As I looked back to all those years ago, I remembered I had only two great desires. To Heal my life and help others to help themselves to do the same, through a process of raising faith and lowering fear.

Today, looking through the eyes of success, instead of failure, I can see how far I have come. My Faith has definitely raised to a whole new level. I have achieved my hearts desires, in many ways. Over a long period of time, I have helped many people to heal their lives, who in turn have helped their families in the same way. Their success is my success.

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How redefining success changed my life

Again, I am reminded of Mother Teresa’s message:

We can do no great things in this world, only little things with great love’

Today, I accept that I may or may not always see the outcomes of my work and that’s okay. I now have enough faith in knowing that even those little deeds, and kind words carry the power to make a huge difference, and I love it.

The great news is that, other people may or may not see my success, and that’s okay. I know what success feels like from the inside. Finally, I feel happy and secure in whom I am, as a woman and as a human being. And when I let go of religion, I could feel good about who I am in God, and it’s all good enough for me.

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Persistence won the tug-of-war

The Universe fought hard to give me my heart’s desires, but I fought back because of the conflicting beliefs I held about success and the real joy of Life.

It took me to lose everything to get my thinking straightened out. In doing so, I found my real self and a new life with more leisure and pleasure. And now the more keeps coming. I came to realise that who I am is everything and everything else is like the icing on the cake. I know, when I stand strong in the foundations of who I am, even if icing falls off, I won’t crumble and fall. And I have faith that the icing can simply be replaced.

Grace and Gratitude

And now, feeling genuine gratitude for my journey to this point, and grateful for who I am and what I do have in my life. I am excited for no other reason than I know there is more of Life to enjoy. I am free of any and all attachment to my worth or success. This means, that instead of fighting, I am surrendered to giving and receiving, and celebrating with more grace and gratitude.

With appreciation, Marie 😍

Who AM I – I mean really?

When you ask questions like Who am I – I mean really, you best be ready for the answers. And they will come, sometimes in ways you wouldn’t think of.

I remember 25 years ago declaring ‘I’m going to find myself‘. This began a spiritual unfolding and a journey of raising faith and lowering fear. It turned out it wasn’t about seeking or finding, but more about remembering who I AM. The answer to your question Who am I – I mean really – takes you way beyond those false beliefs you hold about our self, and allows you to reach inward to remember your unique self, in your own unique way.

Many of us get caught up in the word God. The name, our interpretation and the beliefs we hold about God, keep us at arms length with our real sense of Good, or Godly Self.

In the Beginning

We begin real Life as God, being created in the perfect image of our God I AM, which becomes our Godly Given name. If you like, I AM is our heavenly Father’s name given to us all upon creation of man. I AM identifies my real self in God, without boundaries. I AM makes me whole and a part of God, rather than apart from God.

God doesn’t belong to religion

I AM is NOT another God but another name. I AM is of no religion. I AM belongs to every one. We can even look at it as our Universal, Spiritual connection, and a deep sense of belonging.

The most important thing is to remember that: I AM is the highest non-form of communication available to man-kind, and when used, not abused overcomes and becomes the highest from of communication through mans kindness. So let’s use I AM in the kindest way, to raise our self up instead of putting our self down, shall we?

Hu – the beginning of Hu-manity

In Sanskrit ‘Hu’, that ‘Hu’ means GOD. It is NOT another God but another name for God, as is I AM. Man, then is the manifestation of God and I AM Marie becomes my Hu-man name. Marie identifies who I am on earth among all other men and women.

What happens when we separate Hu and man

The problem comes about when we, man and woman decide to leave Hu out of the equation, and we use or abuse our free will to create a Life, void of Spiritual law and order. We live by man’s law alone, often ending up feeling very lonely, left wanting and waiting for something we just can’t quite figure out, or put our finger on.

Many of us call our selves human, yet we are not exercising the Universal will or law of Hu or God which extends through man’s deepest sense of kindness and love. And we wonder why we are at war with our self and each other. No wonder the world is in a state of disorder and disease.

Remembering I AM from an early age

From early childhood we become influenced by those around us, families, communities, government, schooling, religion, friends, and of course generations of beliefs handed down over and over again. Together, with our personal experiences, comparisons and competition we are led to believe we are more or less than one another.

All too quickly we forget we were all created in the same perfect image of God, and therefore we are one of a kind and equal, with no one above or below. In our forgetfulness we develop a false sense of identity, born of man’s beliefs, and we create a sense of longing, constantly striving to find the perfect life, and to fill the hole we created so we can become whole again.

What we do and what we have, is not who we are?

At an early age we begin to determine who we are based on those influences and what happens to us (or for us). The quality of those influences and beliefs, (true or false) will determine the quality of the life we lead. Many of these beliefs don’t even belong to us but we own them as if they do. Our beliefs are not always a fair representation of who we are. They represent what we do, or what happened to us. We have to de-hypnotise our self in order to separate what happens and what we do nd what we have, from who we are.

I AM are the most powerful words in the dictionary and what ever we attach to them we empower.

Remember, the quality of the words we attach to I AM is reflected in our life.

Often we find our self using I AM to put our self down: I am stupid, I am not good enough, I am ugly, I am too short, too tall, too fat, I am not worthy; I am a failure and the list goes on and on. This is self abuse of the highest kind, as we are using the power of God to put our self down. It’s okay to own how we feel and what we think but we do not state it as if it’s who we are, because it’s not true.

Once you have expressed how you feel, remember to use I AM to reinstate who you are through the eyes of Good. I AM worthy enough, I AM successful enough, I AM intelligent enough, I AM good enough as I am. This is the truth even if you haven’t developed this to the point of being able to resonate with it. Keep affirming, and in time it will drop into your heart and become what you know to be true.

Raise your self talk

I know many people will say that affirmations or declarations don’t work. Well think about it: We have been telling our self what’s wrong with us for a very long time and it worked, right? Check your self talk, and you will find what makes you tick, and what moves you throughout the day. STOP, and begin to declare what’s right with you on a deeper level, and that will surface and become the real you.

I AM is the highest degree

As we go through college, University or work, we add more false identities through the labels and titles we wear, separating us even further from our real identity. Think about it: As we meet a person the first question they ask is What’s your name? I wonder what would happen if we said I AM and left the rest open? Instead we answer I AM Marie. The next question What do you do? will determine how they see you, and they too will create an image or an identity of you based on their beliefs.

What are some of things we identify with through the use of I AM?

A mother, parent, CEO, baker, candle-stick maker, therapist, single, a single Parent (this has become very popular for women in particular), a doctor, a cleaner, an investor, a support worker, nurse, therapist, receptionist, and the list goes on.

How we perform at any of these will determine our success, right? And, of course money, possessions and assets also get wrapped up in how we identify our self, and how others regard us in the world.

I AM and the labels we wear

Remember, all these labels are not who we are. They identify what we do. There is a big difference. Often, the busier we become, and the more we strive to reach a level of man-made success, we lose touch or we forget who we are. We forget that real success works it’s way from the inside out.

When we lose our real self in our doing we stand to lose everything. We lose the best of our self and we divorce our self from our self. Does this mean we can’t strive for success? No, not at all. We just remember to commit to the inner presence of God or Good as the driver of Life, and us as the co-driver. This will save us time and energy in having to use up our own little will and our power. When we are willing to lose our little self to our higher and mightier self, we stand to gain everything, as ONESELF

I AM Remembering, what’s real doesn’t change.

I AM Marie, means I take God or God’s love into everything ‘I do.’ This way, who I am is still in tact and the doing becomes an extension of who I am. This means my real self, my real identity remains untouched; is forever present and constant. The only thing that might change is how I express that Goodness. The challenge is to remember. I must admit, many times I still forget.

Who am I – Really?

Only that which is not real changes.

Only what we do, or what we call our self will change according to our will and our way. We look into our world and we declare this is reality. But how can it be when every one’s reality is different, and our reality is changing constantly – our body, jobs, money, houses, climate etc. One day we can have money and another day it’s gone. And in our times of lack, out of the blue, we can be flooded with gifts. One day we see the sun and another it’s nowhere to be seen! Ah, but we know it’s still there don’t we? Why? Because what is real is forever here.

No wonder we fall a part when we see what we think is our reality, fall a part.

Unfortunately, it often takes a break-down, or for us to lose what looks like everything, to remember another way. It’s like we have to wipe the slate clean and begin again. We have to peel off the layers of our false identity to get back to the foundations built upon I AM. As we remarry with our real self, we can be assured that when all else fails, we will not crumble.

Remembering I AM as the foundations for Life

What are the foundations for life? You could very well think of Jesus and the values and virtues by which he lived and died. Compassion, passion, faith, love, acceptance forgiveness, persistence, gentle yet strong, peace, kindness, appreciation, respect, etc. You can make your own list by asking the question ‘What does humanity really stand for? After all isn’t that what Jesus lived and died for?

I AM works in the here and now

As we venture into the world with the foundations of I AM firmly in place, do you not think we will make for a better mother, CEO, baker, doctor, nurse, cleaner, support worker etc?

Try less, be more, and let more be done

Sometimes we can try too hard to be the best we can be. But in truth if we simply relax, we allow those Good and Godly ripples to flow through and outwardly and we become a natural, kind, unique inspiration, on a moment by moment and day by day basis, being expressed with or without those titles.

With I AM as the foundations we will rise to greater heights of living, loving and achieving and the ripple of our success will reach far and wide.,-Love-And-Myself-In-The-One-Light&id=9571759

Thank you Marie 😍

Are your Beliefs empowering or limiting you?

Are your beliefs empowering or limiting you?

You will find in most of my blogs and conversations, that I keep coming back to our beliefs. At the end of each day we live and work through our man-made beliefs. When we understand this, and we identify those limiting beliefs, we choose again.

Follow your dreams

I watched a movie recently called The Chaperone. Set in the 1920’s., Louise is a rebellious 15-year-old schoolgirl who dreams of fame and fortune. Her chance arrived when she is chosen to travel from Kansas to New York to study with a leading dance troupe for the summer. She was accompanied by an elder and watchful chaperone, Norma.

Norma married into an upper class family. Woman of her status wore those very uncomfortable corsets, pulled tight and clipped up at the back. Each time the corset came off Norma breathes a huge sigh of relief.

The scars left by our beliefs

Norma is stuck in her ways and living a limited life. On the other hand, Louise is eagerly looking for more freedom. Often her behaviour is judged outrageous. Louise challenges Norma when she notices the deep marks left behind from the tightness of the corset, and from the hooks. An interesting journey takes place with these two opposites.

Changing those beliefs and stepping out in Faith

The summer is over, and Norma packs her bags ready to returen to a life in Kansas. Louise looks on as Norma hesitates then deliberately leaves the corsets to one side. They go their separate ways and Louise goes on to become famous through inpiring change for women for thousands of young women.

Leaving those beliefs behind, for Good

Twenty years later, Norma heard of Louise’s surprise return to Kansas. Norma was even more surprised to find Louise financially broke, and looked and sounded like a broken and failed woman. Norma convinced Louise to return to New York to continue to inspire other young people and to seek the change they were looking for. She gave Louise one hundred dollars, and told her to leave the little town in Kansas which she had out-grown and go back to the modern New York because that is where she now belonged. When Norma was leaving the room, Louise asked her if she had, ever returned to wearing her corsets again. Norma’s reply was never.

Are your beliefs past their use-by-date?

I love this as I see it as a metaphor for Life. Many of you are still wearing old fashioned and outdated beliefs that are far too tight, and creating a lot of tension and disharmony. These tightly held beliefs leave no room for something new to come in. Many of these beliefs were passed down for generations, are well past their use by date, and restricting us from living the life we truly want and deserve. Like these woman, there comes a time when enough is enough, and we see we have choices. We can shed those small beliefs, raise our self up, and follow our dreams.

Remembering Wayne Dyer

The late Wayne Dyer who was an amazing man wrote many successful books on the power of our beliefs and intentions, including You’ll See It When You Believe It › you-ll-see-it-when-you-believe-it- His memory lives on through his work.

Stepping out of belief into Faith

Only when we give our self permission to seek a life, that better fits, can the transition out of the old begin. As we are willing, we faithfully begin to focus on those highly regarded dreams and goals. As we do we are better able to let go of a lesser, painful conditioned way of life which no longer serves us. In return we get to breathe easier again, allowing our self to be led to into a new and lighter way of life.

Are your beliefs empowering or limiting you
Faith is higher, mightier and natural

When an opportunity to travel to Antarctica came up, my reaction was NO because it was something I believed was a long way out of my financial budget. The decision had to be made immediately, because it was a special deal. They were looking for people to fill this 21 day expedition to set off within 6 weeks. It was impossible!

Within a few hours, I went from a place of NO to YES; from impossible to I’m going. Those old outdated beliefs and fears slipped away long enough for me to make the booking and secure our cabin. During the next few weeks the way was shown. It was like a miracle! I fell in love with Antarctica.

Are your beliefs empowering or limiting you?

Take a risk,

Blessings Marie 😍

Does Forgiveness Stop the Cycle of Guilt

Does forgiveness stop to the cycle of guilt? According to the bible, all of our guilt was washed away by the blood of Christ, when Jesus died on the cross over 2000 years ago. The question is do we believe that? And do we believe that all of our sins are already forgiven? Isn’t this the freedom we are looking for, today? What if it really is already done?

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Does forgiveness stop the cylce of guilt?
YES it creates a guilt free zone

Forgiving the unforgivable

Many people, like myself are still learning the art of Forgiveness. It took me a long time to ask, and even longer to accept complete forgiveness for all those things I shouldn’t have done, should have done and of course the things I accused myself of doing. At some stage in my life I decided that I wasn’t worthy of complete forgiveness. I felt that some of my wrong-doings were unforgivable. For far too long, I sat in the messy quagmire of guilt, self pity, shame and blame? Urgh!

True or False?

Often there is no crime at at all. It can be a a feeling of guilt based on the judgments we make about our self, or based on actions we took, or didn’t take. It can come from the expectations we put upon our self, others and the world we live in. I judged myself often and very unfairly. Some of the things I told myself were: I’m lazy, I failed, I let myself down, I let others down, I hurt someone, I’m not good enough, I must have done something wrong or my life would be different. And the list goes on. These accusations weren’t true but as these stories turned into beliefs they became true for me. As you know once those judgments or beliefs take root, they have a habit of running or ruining our lives.

Guilty or not guilty, that is the question!

We often hold onto the mistake or crime against our self or another long after the act has been done and dusted. These beliefs insist and persist in reminding us we are not good enough, Godly enough, deserving enough, worthy enough, loving enough (and again, the list goes on) to be forgiven or to be happy. Or God forbid, be loved. As I was unfair to myself I was unfair to others. I became more kind to myself and others as soon as I replaced guilt with the attitude of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude’ – Martin Luther King‘ :

Does forogiveness stop the cycle of guilt?
Forgiveness is the key to escaping the prison of our mind

Escaping the prison of your mind-set

When a person goes to prison for a crime they committed, they do their time and then he or she is set free again.However, unless they have been supported to resolve and dissolve the guilt, they will remain in the prison of their guilty and shameful mind.

This unhealthy mind-set sends us going around in circles, running the same pattern, and repeating the same guilt driven crimes and addictive behaviours, over and over again. Without the intervention of forgiveness, we continue to keep guilt alive and us dying.

As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew If I didn’t leave my bitterness behind, I’d still be in prison’ – Nelson Mandela:

Unforgiveness and disease

Holding tightly to those unhealthy, guilty, not good enough, unforgivable beliefs creates extensive tension, in our mind body system? Think about the illnesses and diseases which stem from all that stress? How does depression and anxiety and other fear driven illnesses fit in to this? Whether the crime is against our self or another, or whether the guilt is real or stems from a false belief, they need our loving attention in order to heal.

Shame hardens the heart

There is nothing that can not be forgiven? It’s as simple as being open to receiving complete forgiveness to complete the letting go process and to regain wholeness. Forgiveness means letting go of everything, real or perceived for they are equally powerful in our minds. We can’t keep sweeping things under the mat.The dam around our heart becomes thicker and harder, the longer we hold onto those beliefs, and the more we add to the pile,

Does forgiveness stop the cycle of guilt?
Forgiveness allows you to let the cast
the burden of guilt away

As you believe, it is

Many people, will think, as I did that they have to do something to deserve God’s love. In my mind God was always so high and mighty that no matter how hard I tried to appease and please God, I never felt Good or Godly enough. As I believed, it was. In my mind, I could just not measure up, and God’s love was always out of my reach. This doubt is the real burden we carry, until we are ready to cast it off, for good.

What do you believe about God?

Over time, we suffer the consequences of those unhealthy blockages somewhere in our mind body system, and in our life. I believe when we are willing to shift our perception of God, we will see none of this is God’s doing. It’s time to give up blaming God and the idea that God or the Universe is testing us, judging us, or making us feel guilty. After all we do that very well our self, don’t we?

It isn’t God who turns away ashamed of us. We become too ashamed to look in the mirror to face our Good or Godly Self. Our guilt keeps us at arms length with the love of God which is the divine nature of our self. Guilt, deprives us of that Oneness. Regardless of the name we use, I have no doubt in my mind and heart today, that the love of God is always present within. At times we may not feel or be aware of that Presence.

Healing the hurts

Recently I discoveredthat I was harbouring blame and unforgiveness toward some people from an event nearly 20 years ago. I needed to forgive those people, as well as accept forgiveness for myself for hanging onto that poison for so long. Holding onto those beliefs for all that time wasn’t harming any one but me.

Does forgiveness stop the cycle of guilt?

How true this was for me! I held on to the idea I had failed, because my life didn’t look as I wanted it to look. Many times I looked back through the eyes of guilt, and wished it could have been different?

What does it take to break that cycle of guilt?

What does it take to cast aside that burden? We can’t run away from it because the problem is within us. Where ever we go, there we are. When enough is enough we stop, and turn within.

In the movie The Light between two Oceans, a woman’s husband had led a very hard and painful life. His wife asked him how he managed to remain positive and happy after all had been done to him, and all had happened. His answer was something like this: “Forgiveness, Why? Because it’s easier.” You only have to forgive once and it is done. On the other hand, to keep unforgiveness, resentment or hatred alive, we have to remember and think about the bad things every day over and over again; that is hard work.

There is no right or wrong way

Remember, that there is no right or wrong way to raise your attitude from guilt to forgiveness. Whether you are religious or not, you can begin by simply finding a quiet spot and make the call. ‘Ask‘, who ever, or what-ever, represents your greatest inner-love and protection. You can say something like this:

I am right now ready and willing to surrender all this guilt and shame and shift my attitude into a place of absolute forgiveness. Thank you for showing me the way”.

Now, open your mind and heart and you will be guided to the right group, person, book, course or therapist, or you may not have to go anywhere, for your personal faith within may well be the miracle that will handle the details.

Giving Thanks through prayer

Prayer is not so much about asking or pleading; it’s about giving thanks for what you are seeking and believing that which you need, has been given. It is sometimes more difficult to ask, and accept forgiveness from our self than it is from another. You surrender your fears and guilt, in exchange for complete forgiveness. As you confront God, which is the heart and soul of your Self, and you offer up these ‘hurts’ the process of softening that dam begins. When we remember to say thank you, in faith, it is done.

Love and forgiveness softens the heart

Does forgiveness stop the cycle of guilt?

As the flood gates open, you may find an instant outpouring or you might find the flow trickles back into our Being. You may find a sense of relief, or peace overcome you, and your heart softens. Now, your job is to simply promise to keep those heavenly gates open, with a will never to let them close again, and you will find the real love of God present, here, there and where forever you are – always in all ways.

Seeing God in a new Light

Now, doesn’t it make more sense that it’s our interpretation of God, and the imperfections we see within our self and others, that keep guilt alive and us dying to be free? Our false ideas of God keeps us from feeling Good about our self, and from owning the abundant Life that is rightfully ours.

Transforming Imperfection into I’m Perfection

What if the only thing we are guilty is forgetting the perfection within us all. As you look through the eyes of unconditional love, you will see your self as you were created This is way beyond the imperfections of the flesh. You will be overcome by the pure and perfect image of Good or Godliness, in the name I AM. I AM transforms Imperfection into I’m Perfection. It’s asmaazing how a simple can shift our perception change the way we see our selves.

Restoring Humanity through the art of Forgiveness

Our role as Human Beings is to see our self and others through the eyes of Good. Can you imagine how relationships present, past, and future can be different, and empowered through the simple and constant attitude of forgiveness? As we shift into the higher energy of forgiveness, we become kinder to our self and others. Now, isn’t this the simplest way of restoring and maintaining humanity?

Does Forgiveness stop the cycle of guilt – it’s your choice!

Are you ready? – I AM

Isn’t it time to let go, and let forgiveness and real love overcome and become your constant attitude? Is this is not the miracle we are looking for? Are you finally ready to accept this gift of forgiveness, and a guilt free Life offered to us all over 2000 years ago?

Does forgiveness stop the cycle of guilt?

Thank you I AM all forgiving and forgiving all

Marie 😍

Are Faith & Belief the same?

Are Faith and Belief the same? The short answer is NO.

‘Faith is active and belief is passive’

Many years ago I was away from home and found my self in a difficult financial situation. To make the stress worse, I found a large lump in my breast.

As much as I disliked the idea of going to the doctors I couldn’t come up with an other answer. A cyst showed up in the ultra-sound. The doctors decided a simple pin prick would dissolve it. It was an easy and painless process they said. However, as the needle went penetrated the breast I screamed out in horrendous pain. They completed the procedure but it was another couple of days before I could touch my breast again, only to find the lump hadn’t changed. My attitude slumped, but I used the I AM affirmations to see me through the mental and emotional pain.


Within a couple of days my spirits rose and I was able to take the next step which led me to making an appointment with the specialist/surgeon. Each day I continued to go through a spiritual ritual and opened up the gift of I AM declarations to keep my self-talk and my spirits up. I had faith the lump would be gone by the time my appointment day arrived. Each morning, I checked and I was surprised to find the lump still there and not even changed.

The lump was still there on my way out of the house on the morning of my appointment. As I left, I noticed an open newspaper with a message that lit up like a neon sign:

Faith and Belief are different. Faith is active and belief is passive’

I didn’t get this logically, but I knew that somehow this message had registered in my heart.

I AM The miracle

Off I went to the specialist still scratching my head. Less than an hour later the doctor couldn’t find any sign of a lump. At first I thought he must be mad, how could he miss it? He was right. When I checked it myself, there was nothing to be felt or found. Following the doctor’s suggestion, I made another appointment for an ultra sound. I wasn’t sure if I really needed it, but some how I knew the answer would come.

Let the Way be shown

The day before the appointment I rang still not sure if I would cancel or confirm the appointment. When the receptionist answered my call I mentioned my name and that I was inquiring about my appointment due tomorrow. She informed me I had missed my appointment as it was yesterday! This time, I answered the call to ‘go home’ and as soon as I said yes, the way was shown and the money I needed showed up.—Be-Willing-To-Take-That-First-Step&id=9578640 › entry › faith-and-belief_b_4166117

Faith transforms all belief

I look at it this way. Our beliefs are man-made, formed from the outside-in. Some are learned, and many are created from experiences through out life. Even more are likely to be passed on through multiple generations. Although they may be true for the person holding them, they are not necessarily true for those who inherit them. In time those beliefs may change according to our personal will and the will of the collective. People might believe in us and we can believe in our self, but these beliefs are still limited and may never lead to action. It takes Faith to see if what we believe in works, right? Regardless of the level of our self-belief we still need to take a step or sometimes a leap of Faith.

I love this quote which someone shared a long time ago.

Fear knocked on the door and when faith answered there was no one there’

Faith is our natural Higher Self Belief

Many people think Faith is tied to a religion (and it can be), however it is not exclusive, it is inclusive. It is Universal, and a product of Spirituality. Yet it is a personal attitude available for everyone seeking to find something more within themselves, and to do something beyond their current circumstances. It allows us to shift beyond the attachments to how others see us and beyond the beliefs others have about us.

Shifting gears from Belief to Faith

Sometimes we need faith to get out of our comfort zone, and at times to let go of the control we think we have on our life (and on the lives of others). Unlike belief, Faith works from the inside out, It is always here, consistent, never changing and actively moving, directing us and protecting us, in a unique way for each and every one of us. It is our natural real higher sense of Self and Self-Belief. Belief can get us to the point of change, of moving forward, or ready to deliver those ideas into the world. Often, this is where we get stuck. There are many great ideas are there still locked away in people’s minds? How many dreams and desires still locked away in the hearts of people because of the fear of taking that next step? › the-difference-between-faith-and-belief

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If belief is our word, then faith is our works

It took me a long time to realise that Faith isn’t the absence of fear. It’s about feeling and facing the fear and stepping through it. If belief is our word then faith is our works. As we call upon Faith, we are able take that step or take that action which overcomes and dissolves the fear.

Thank you I AM Faith

Marie 😍