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My walk with Jesus

My walk with Jesus. I feel as if I have walked from Bethlehem to Jerusalem and back again trying to understand Jesus’ purpose in my life. As I strove to be as Godly as He, I was often left feeling afraid, exhausted and like a failure. I even tried to get rid on him a number of times, thinking that he was a crutch and I relied on him far too much.

Real Love doesn’t die

Now, accepting I walk a very crooked line without him, I depend on Him being my guiding hand and light, keeping me on the straight and narrow. Today, I feel his spirit alive in me as my invisible guide and mentor, encouraging, protecting, and sometimes gently chastising me. He is a miracle worker in so many ways. I’m living proof of that!

Try less, be more and let more be done

When I fully accepted my short-comings in this physical body and the world I saw, without judgement, I could finally relax, and see more of the Good and the God in myself, others and in Life. I know now, nothing I do, try or strive for can make me more like Jesus. It’s only in trying less and being more that I am more like Him, allowing the words and works of Good to continue to be done in the simplest, natural and perfect way.

After 25 years, I can now embrace that which I tried so hard to deny, to understand and that which I was so scared of, as Being a true reflection of my Good and Sacred Self. What Freedom!


Inspired painting by Marie Brunger 2000

An Inspired Poem by Marie Brunger


I was Scared
I felt inadequately prepared
And I despaired
At the thought of walking in Jesus’ shoes
Until I heard the news
“We are not asking you
To walk in HIS’ shoes
Only to choose
To let the holy son come
To walk within your shoes with you
Together as one”
Suddenly it made sense
The relief was immense
No longer afraid
The decision was made
To simply agree
To let it be
And immediately
I let go
I felt the flow
Of the Christ energy
Move through me
And I knew it was done
Two wills became one
A new life begun
Not as me, or he, or we, but

What does it mean to ‘Let Go’?

We hear so much about letting go but what does it mean to let go? How do we let go and what are we letting go of? Mmmm what a great question. How do you let go and let God? How do you let go of the old way of thinking and let the new way to come? How do we let go and move on? How do we let go of relationships? And the list goes on!

What to let go of and what to hold on to!

We do a lot of ‘holding on’ and a lot of ‘letting go’ in our lives, don’t we? I have asked the question ‘how’ many times. When you think about the question, doesn’t it imply that we have to do something to let go? This in its self doesn’t make sense, does it? We know that letting go is about not doing, isn’t it?

From Fear and terror …..
Holding onto Faith and Letting go of the fear, allowed me to experience the Freedom of free falling … what a gift.

What I now know is that ‘letting go’ means we have to sit in discomfort (fear) of not knowing until the courage and faith turns up.

Look for the signs

I was going through a trying time and just wanted some sort of guidance when something wonderful happened. Doesn’t it always? A beautiful poem found its way into my hands and my heart. I read it a number of times. I loved it even though I didn’t really understand it, not on a logical level anyway. However there was a feeling that something was happening inside. Over the next few days I found myself repeating “She just let go” over and over again. Sometimes this was replaced with ‘I just let go’

The next day I went to the New Life Church and received a powerful message from the pastor about Be Still and Know I am God. Just Be was the ultimate message.

Try less, do less and let more be done

The following day, I awoke to some negative thoughts and doubts about the decisions I had recently made. I questioned what I was doing with my life. I knew what I wanted. I thought I was following my path and had done some good work, but it just didn’t seem to be taking shape. All I could see was what was wrong in my life and what could go wrong. When I couldn’t see a clear path forward to meet with my new life, I began to think about going back and doing what I thought I had left behind. The thought of that made me feel sick. What the? In that moment, it happened! I didn’t do anything. As I remained still and stayed with those feelings something quickly changed.

Fear of the unknown

I could see clearly the reason for the delay in the unfolding of my new life was because I hadn’t closed the back door on the old way of life and the old way of doing things. I wasn’t fully committed to moving forward into a new and very much unknown world. It was as if those old thoughts, beliefs and patterns that were holding onto me suddenly let go, freeing me to think again. Immediately a new idea came to mind. I realised I had already done the preparation for my new life but had no idea, until now how to apply it.

Stop trying to work out the ‘How To’

Although the message The Spirit within goes before me to prepare the way, was show to me, I was still straining to see what laid ahead. As soon as I stopped trying to work out the ‘How to’, the solution came into the empty space and I was filled with a new sense of hope, courage, confidence and faith. The answer was always here but I couldn’t see what was right under my nose because of my trying and my old way of thinking and be-having.

Be willing to remain in the discomfort

Getting uncomfortable is the first stage of letting go. That very, uncomfortable awakening early that morning turned out to be the ‘letting go’. It was followed by the arousal of faith and the conviction I needed to allow the old way to dissolve, and allow my purpose to become fully integrated as the only way.

Again, I realised although I felt stuck I was never, ever stuck. I was always in transition, simply in a state of letting go and letting God take the reins again.

Remember, as you let go, here I AM

Love and many blessings Marie

This is the poem by Ernest Holmes:

What is sin? What does it mean for a non Christian?

Yes I agree, sin is a word I too had trouble with, so thank you for bringing it up and for your willingness to confront it. It’s a hard word (as in that it isn’t soft) to swallow. Many people I know continue to turn their backs on it just because of their interpretation of sin. Unfortunately turning our back is not the answer, confronting it is. Let’s take a look at What is sin? What does it mean for a non Christian?

As they say what you resist persists. What you focus on grows. So there is no point in constantly thinking about what we did wrong and berating our self, is there? All we need to do is to acknowledge it and turn our attention and our intention to Divine Love and forgiveness. The Divine now overcomes the sin allowing us to continue to grow in God’s Love.

We can look at sin in many ways.

Although sin can be a fill-blown act of crime, remember no crime is ever too big to be forgiven. Remember also, that many or, maybe even most of our little or big crimes are against ourselves so be sure not to leave yourself out of the equation when you look for forgiveness. Sin can constitute unkind acts or unkind words we put upon our self or others. It can represent unkind or poisonous thoughts, and even if they are not expressed they still poison the mind.

Poisonous emotions

Sin can be an unhealthy attitude, which is driven by those unresolved emotions of hatred, anger, regret, jealousy, envy unforgiveness, shame, blame and self pity. These too are poisonous. Remember, you are not alone with all this stuff. Most of us are carrying this baggage and some laden for a life-time. This isn’t about judging our self, far from it. It’s about finding peace with it and releasing it. If we turn our back, it becomes like a heavy burden which can weigh us down and lead to disease of the mind body system.

Shedding the heavy coat

Even though you might feel justified for how you feel, I suggest you ask your self this: ‘As justified as I may be, is hanging onto these ‘hurts’ really doing me any good’? The answer is a resounding NO.

I was surprised when it was brought to my attention recently that I still harbored grudges against some people from nearly a quarter century ago. Not only did I need to forgive those people, I also had to forgive myself for hanging onto that poison for so long. It certainly wasn’t harming them, but it was harming me.

Hurt People hurt people, Loving people love people

I say ‘hurts’ because, at the end of the day only hurt people, hurt people. This means if we heal the hurt and return to love, we can’t repeat the sin because Loving people love people, right?

Remember, our thoughts will become words, either in our head or out-spoken, and our words become works. Doesn’t it make sense to confront those put-downs, which obviously don’t work for you so they can be resolved and dissolved through the love of God?

What do you identify your self with?

Although I agree, we have to acknowledge our wrong-doings we must remember they are doings or behaviors and they can be undone. Our biggest problems come, when we identify our self with those wrong doings. We live with the shame and blame and call our self a sinner, a failure, or other names to describe what we do as if it is who we are.

‘I AM’ the highest non-form of communication available to man-kind and when remembered overcomes and becomes the highest form of communication through mans kindness.

I AM are the most powerful words in the dictionary. They are the words and works of God and what ever we attach to them we empower. I AM is how we identify our self in God. They are intended to raise our self up, but often we use them to put our self down.

Making statements like I am a sinner, I am unworthy and all those other things we attach to I AM only stands to put us down and separate us from God. It’s self- abuse. It is blasphemous and takes His name in vain. I AM declares who we are, not what we do. Sin is something we do, It is a wrong doing and a long way from who we are.

I AM the Healthy Way

I AM love I AM great, I AM joy, I AM forgiveness etc. aligns us with God. Not only are we honouring, praising and raising our self up in His name, we are also displaying honour and praise and raising Him up within us. It is a two way street. And as we do unto our self we do unto others. As we feel loved so we are loving.

So, if you really want to praise God, look in the mirror (right into your eyes) and begin to tell you self all the things you would like to hear from someone else and of course from God. You can begin with your Name: Marie, You are completely loved and accepted, You are well provided for, You are a joy to the world. You are; forgiven; you are a success. Now, you can turn it around, and do something very few people can do. I AM Love, I AM forgiveness, I AM a Joy to the world. This surely is praising and glorifying God in the most practical and powerful way.

I AM Praising who I AM

Notice these are all the things God is made up of, and gives freely to the world through each and every one of us. Some would say we are being vain, but in truth we are acknowledging and reminding our self of all that He is and all that we are in Him. We are declaring only that which is Good and what God represents in us. That’s freedom.

Thank you I AM

So now, as you put that old way of thinking to rest, you find room for new healthy, loving and joyful thoughts, words and actions that work for you, right? you are ready to be forgiven or to forgive others, the undoing gets done and you can safely look in the mirror and announce Thank you I AM Absolute Forgiveness

Now, I don’t know about yours, but my heart has certainly softened. I hope this has brought some clarity to the questions of What is Sin? Most What does it mean to a non Christian?

Praising you,