I AM from fear to freedom

Disabling  depressed and anxious beliefs that run your life is the key  to rediscovering a good sense of self, well-being, and  the freedom and success you are looking for. 

Can you imagine what would happen to the symptoms of depression and anxiety when those unhealthy beliefs you hold about your self, God or Spirituality are disabled?  

As you rise above those limiting and man-made beliefs, you see that faith doesn't belong to religion.  Faith is a  natural spiritual attitude within everyone's reachIt is our natural and real sense of self, and self belief.  When we lose this we stand to lose everything.

Take responsibility for your beliefs

As an individual, you must know that your beliefs will have a positive or negative effect on your your life, happiness, success and health. Healthy beliefs keep you and your relationships healthy. Sick beliefs make you sick. They also have a direct effect on the quality of the of the world you see.  Once sick  or injured those same beliefs will interfere with your recovery.


                         Your attitude determines your altitude. This means that it's up to you to take responsibility for uncovering and freeing your  

                          self of those unhealthy or limiting core beliefs, and the stories you tell your self. Rediscovering good health and well-being 

                          depends on it. Not only will your new-found attitude change your life, but it will greatly and positively influence those around

                          you. We owe it to our kids to do what it takes to make sure they have the best chance to be who they are, to grow up 

                          healthy  and to express themselves, free of dis-ease.


I'm Marie Brunger, Inspired Speaker, Author and Spiritual Director 

Through my Down-to-earth Inspired guidance, you get to uncover those

false understandings and fearful depressed and anxious beliefs that run your life.      

You will recover and experience the nature of your true Self, in your own unique way.  

 With a shift in attitude, you will find your self equipped to make new choices and decisions. 

You can be confident that your intentions will work for you, (and for those around you) not against you   

click on links directly below to listen to two short but powerful Inspiraitonal talks    



Now The question is: 

Are you ready to have those crucial conversations, and to be a part of these life changing experiences? 

Blessings Marie 😍   


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A live radio interview with Ric Bratton of 'This Week in America'    


Testimonials from my readers...


"I love the way Marie invites me into what feels like a two way conversation. Her sharing through the book I AM A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health brings home some deep insights, and throws a new light onto the meaning of spirituality and faith, Love it - thanks Marie" - Wendy

"I am a mental health case worker and after reading Marie's book, I found myself spontaneously sharing some of the valuable insights with my clients. I quickly passed it onto my teenage son as a way for him to gain his own learnings.

I appreciate the courage it took for Marie to let me into her personal life to show me there really is a fine line between fear and freedom. This makes anxiety less scary and freedom a real possibility.   Thank you Marie"

I AM A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health reinforces how the power of faith belongs naturally in our day to day life and the important role it plays in the lives of carers, parents & teachers to keep our kids safe and well." - Lynn

Client Love

Marie … Thank YOU for a weekend that has helped me to spread my wings and fly higher. The doors have now opened and soon you will be seeing me soar to heights that I have never gone to before. My whole world is opening to a new direction and a new dimension. I don’t fully know where it will lead me to, the only thing that I do know, is that only good things can come from this. I know that I am open to receiving LOVE, and Trust from others. Your support is invaluable to me. THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU !!!!  - Stacey 

Marie has made a huge difference in my life by helping me find, help and develop my Self. As a result of that many others connected to me have also benefited. If you believe in Karma (cause and effect) then I highly recommend that you “cause” your self to meet her and the “effect” will ripple through you and others you come into contact with …

-  Paul

Again I THANK YOU with all my heart for your consistent prayers, healing, visualisations and positive thoughts. One day I expect to hug you in person again to thank you for all you are doing to help me at this critical time in my life! When I pray for those who pray for me I simply visualise your smiling face, surrounded and permeated with white light (and a little silver, gold and pink light too!) in the hope that you know how much your prayers and thoughts mean to me. My love and gratitude always …- Peter

The pressure of elite competition was affecting the health and performances of our very talented quartet. I was at my wits end when I saw Marie. After the program I was able to rise above my fears, doubts and nervous tension and perform at my best. This alone inspired the others to do the same. The challenges on route to the Australian Titles were huge yet with the tools Marie gave me we were able to win the Gold medal one month later. We then went on to enjoy a life time experience singing for Australia on the International Stage in America …

- Gaynor